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Did I hear you ask what The Negrifille Enterprise is all about?

Well, here it is. Follow the link to get meaningful insight into what we do and I hope that you can find a point of alignment through which we can bring value to you as a student, young school leaver, entrepreneur, startup, corporate professional, creative or really just an African seeking to create some change on the continent.

P.S - Two product launches are coming up between August and September 2017 so standby and anticipate greatness.

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Morning 😊

Do you question the roots of your convictions about yourself? Do you sweat the simple stuff?

You should because the most of the solutions to many personal, academic and professional challenges lie encapsulated in the simple stuff that shouldn't really be normal.

You should find out how much it costs shipping companies to get rid of barnacles.

Consciousness engineering needs to become a "thing" if your true essence will be harnessed to create value for yourself and the world's around you.

Life as a whole emanates from blueprints lodged in our minds and that of self image is one of the most powerful sources of our realities.

Here's a super short and interesting piece exploring how focus can be a key to redefining ones impression of self and the role that perfection plays in all of this.

Take a minute to click the link and read... Sometimes, that's all it takes to change the course of your life.

Believe me, I know this.


Nma Nazzy Agada
Founder, The Negrifille Enterprise
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One interesting thing about the mind is how it breaks and heals from the simplest of things. It's amazing how business, career & relationships are all come back to self and love - things that we are often unclear about.

Feeling lost is often an illusion; you are always somewhere
Love is often misplaced but it is always somewhere

Here's some poetry laced with perhaps just the right amount of hope & memories to let you see something differently and set you on a better path to wholeness.
This should make a nostalgic read especially if you grew up in Africa.

BONUS - It will take only 2 MINUTES

Follow the link and reshare.

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Whether it's London Eye or a wheel at Six Flags or Disneyland, most times, we are too busy raging with excitement to stop and connect the dots of how that experience relates to other aspects of our lives. Well, I've done the thinking this time and have come up with an interesting theory on the Ferris Wheel that explores lessons that will probably not occur to you in the middle of a ride.

This is another episode of the super-interesting 'Unconventional Business Skills and Tips Series' where I draw from personal experiences to share principles and tips that will, if applied, change the course of your personal development and business.

In the words of Denzel Washington, Between achievement and goals are discipline and consistency. This post says more.

Follow the link, re-share and share your thoughts on the blog. This will only take 5 minutes.

Happy Sunday darlings!
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Have you ever wondered why the most successful individuals give the best speeches, have the most followers, sell the most products & services, pull the most applause or even have your attention for some reason you can't quite articulate?

I have the answer and some of it lies in something subtle, powerful yet unrecognized - The Power of Seduction.

The truth is that many of these people may not tell you categorically that this is something they honed or apply intentionally because they most likely developed unconscious competence in it.

Allow me to show you, in summary, how Seduction comes to play in the business of living.

Follow the link and have an amazing read.

Please share the link with others; let's flood our paths with the light that knowledge births.
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Guess what?!!
The second episode of the Hostel Series is out and this time, we'll be meeting a very interesting character who did a great job of pointing out a flaw not in herself but in many of us including the author.

Before you hit the link, I'd like you to think of this for a minute: When does it become okay to reject affection or friendship, even when we know it is honest?

I hope you love this Episode even more than you loved the first.

Happy Easter!!!
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You may not be able to change the past but you can certainly change your interpretation of it.
You most definitely can change the outcome of your present by being intentional about how you interpret and address it.
The magic all lies in the word "Perspective"
A sweet poem is up on the blog under the micro-poetry series. I hope you enjoy it. Kindly re-post and be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section or even come up with a few lines of poetry along the same theme.
Who says you have to be poet to slay at this?
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Love is almost always unforgettable because it does a good job of indulging almost all of our recognizable senses.
It is fact that the more involved your faculties are in carrying out an activity, the more impactful the activity is likely to be...and so romantic love is always one of the great examples to showcase resourcefulness, influence and uninhibited dedication of one's self to an agenda.
Imagine that we engage people the way we romance engages our faculties.
Imagine that you create the same measure of indelible impressions on others as that unforgettable love affair had on you
Imagine that your products or services are as enthralling as these deep emotions that glue us to other people so strongly
Imagine that you are able to affect people in the most relaxed, primal and sensational ways
Imagine that all of these are possible because they are...
I have just begun an interesting micro-poetry series on my website and this piece is dedicated to romantic love.
Click on the link to read the piece...I hope you love it and are inspired to open yourself up to affecting people positively and deeply.
Kindly repost as well and be sure to drop your thoughts on the blog
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Although it happens every day, the occurrence of last week is still quite fresh.
Even though the elevator rarely stops on the 7th floor, it did this time. I stood at the far end of the elevator so there was enough space to take on as many as seven more people but when the doors opened to accept whoever had pressed the bell, a fair, tall man stood before me.
He was handsome and wore an air of sophistication so casually that you'd almost miss it. He also smelled sweet - in the way that made you want to sniff and sniff and sniff again. His presence filled the elevator and made the other man who was already in it seem really small. i felt compelled to speak to him; compliment him over his luxury wristwatch or pleasant scent. Or maybe ask his name and if he worked in the building. I knew I should say something to preserve the moment but when he said "good afternoon" and leaned over to select the floor he would get off at, I simply smiled, nodded and swallowed my unsaid words. In that moment, i knew that I'd lost the chance to open the gate to a new dimension of possibilities.
I got off without looking back and thought of how many times we as people have lost battles by not bothering to say a word. Sometimes the cost is infinitesimal bu at other times, we are haunted by the dearth that is created and are turned into hunters, going back to trails we left to find clues that will give us a second chance.
A lovely micro-poem culled from this is up on the blog. Follow the link, re-post and be sure to share your thoughts or your experience in the comment section of the blog.
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