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New Features on Twitilla.

FaceBook and Google+ are now integrated. Both features are still in beta, Google is working hard on Google+ and as soon as new features become available we will integrate them into Twitilla.

You can have multiple FaceBook accounts linked to your Twitilla account, this means you can browse and post to more than one FaceBook account via Twitilla.

Currently you can view multiple FaceBook Wall pages and post to multiple accounts. Other FaceBook features will be multi account in the very near future.

Don't forget our Holiday bonanza draw, recommend Twitilla to your friends and you and your friends could win a free Primo account for a year, thats right, free! And the best thing is you don't have to do anything for it, just login regularly and tell your friends about Twitilla. The draw is scheduled for November 30th 2011.
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A new quick and easy way to manage your social media accounts.
A new quick and easy way to manage your social media accounts.
Sign up and start managing your Twitter™, FaceBook™ and Google+™ accounts. Follow other Twitterers, or Unfollow Twitterers instantly.

Twitilla’s smart – it calculates the likelihood of being followed or unfollowed into a percentage rate.

Features like filtering followers & friends, and account linking make Twitilla™ a powerful yet easy application to work with.

We included direct message (dm) We included direct message (dm) support so you can keep in touch with your followers.