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from Scum, Rejoice.

by gaze inhabit
thy motion only

shock sky w nakedness shock
mountain w unforgiven – animal

of my animal throw
geese into the sky
by their throats this
world is unforgiven.

unangel me in darkness
unangel the darkness
meat eat meat turn
into it as the day turns

into dimness a choir of
howls resounds in the hills

hills flooded with sunlight
hills hollowed by sunlight
trees are hollow they are a thin
membrane around their discarded cores.

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a beautiful, beautifully sculpted poem that highlights one of the problems of publishing such typographically sophisticated work on the internet: the difficulty of making poetry accessible.

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From Aase Berg's "Hackers"

"But the core of the true pearl from Bahrain is not a grain of sand. Small holes in the oyster shell indicate a parasite. In the soft parts in the slow-slacking intestinal flora of the hover-horse. Along the silk roads of the ocean where the blank pearl of the motor-men’s helmets whirl in the same moonlight, same foam."

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from "Echo Chamber"

"The scene is complete. No one fidgets. Tension keeps the place together with thin interlocking fibres. In the middle of the room the girl in white knickers is being suffocated with a towel. Her mother does it. Her face is a camera. It is not sexual perversion. The pregnant woman in the corner reads the patterns on a map. ..."
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