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Web Design Sri Lanka

We understand that your online image is one of the most important assets to your organization and our team will always emphasize on the wow factor when they are designing your website.

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Web Design Company Sri Lanka

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Effective medical SEO tips you should know as a healthcare professional

Medical SEO is the perfect online marketing technique for healthcare professionals to build their practice and promote their medical services to their target markets.

-          Find the relevant keywords with high search volume
-          Provide unique content that would discuss the benefits of your services
-          Make sure that your metadata is optimized for search engines with relevant keywords
-          Make sure that the website has a great design and a faultless structure 
-          Make sure that your website is mobile friendly

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Baidu SEO best practices

Baidu, being the most popular search engine in China, is the best platform to launch your brand to the Chinese target market. With Baidu SEO you would easily be able to create a strong web presence within your Chinese target customers and earn their trust.

-          Translate the content of your website into Chinese, preferably Mandarin

-          Avoid mentioning subjects censored by the Chinese government

-          Maintain a good link profile; pay attention to the quantity as well as the quality of the backlinks you get

-          Pay good attention to the meta tags

-          Make sure the web pages load fast

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How to build an effective dental SEO strategy

Dental SEO is the ultimate marketing tool for dentists who are looking to promote their services online. The following tips will enable you to build an effective dental SEO strategy that would boost your search engine rankings and drive in qualified traffic.

-          Start your strategy with thorough keyword research
-          Build a user friendly , mobile friendly and unique website
-          Provide useful, relevant and authentic content
-          Gain high quality backlinks from authoritative sites
-          Integrate social media and promote your services through them

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How to build brand awareness through social media

- Conduct research and find out which social media platforms your target market is mostly using
- Build an effective content marketing strategy; create original, relevant and fresh content
- Increase fan engagement through quizzes, Q&A sessions, shareable content etc.
- Make use of paid social media advertising
- Try to use hashtags in your status updates to create more exposure of your content and attract more like minded customers

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7 landing page mistakes that are costing you conversions

1.       Way too much written content
2.       Lack of an attention-grabbing title
3.       Too many distracting web elements such as auto-play audios and videos
4.       Lack of appealing and striking images to accompany the content
5.       Lack of clear call-to-actions
6.       Complicated entry form
7.       Lack of client testimonials

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