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My modesty is what makes me awesome.
My modesty is what makes me awesome.

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Ooooh, The Prestige is available for streaming on Netflix now.

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Poor Press Snekretary.

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Just a collection of declassified nuclear tests from the mid 20th century.

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For the 200-word RPG contest.

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I am severely disappointed now that I know that none of the new Star Wars movies include anything that resembles this.

I gotta agree with Yul. When trying to convince a pharoah to do something, turning your walking stick into a snake is kind of a weak threat.

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So, I finally made this thing.


If you ever wanted a game that combines WW1 pilots and Knight Rider, this might be it.

Wacky game/story idea: Some kind of mining/natural resource gathering and extraction crew that develops a time machine. When they find a rare natural resource they jump into the far future, mine it, and bring it back. Then they jump into the slight future, mine it again, and bring it back.

They continually jump into slightly-closer-to-present futures, working back to present time, repeatedly mining the same resource. But they've decided that they can't mine it in the past, because then they won't be able to find it.


If Goldfinger's plan to irridate the Fort Knox gold supply had worked, we are five years away from being able to touch our gold again. (Bond estimated 50 years of useless gold, Goldfinger estimated 58 years )

After watching Train to Busan....It's REALLY easy to peg TtB as a "what's happening in Korea during the events in movie version of World War Z" due to how similar the zombies work. Now I wish that every country did make a connected WWZ movie. I mean, realistically, that's simply not how movie contracts happen, but it still would be cool.

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