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We now have access to Team Drives in Google Drive, so you can create groups where no individual owns the documents shared within that group. I imagine this will help solve the issue of people leaving the university and their documents leaving with them!


Just noticed that Google Inbox (their modern take on email) is now available on our Sheffield account. Got some pretty neat features such as the ability to snooze emails until a particular date and the ability to create bundles of email types. Works very well on mobile

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I know this has been mentioned here before, but thought it might be worth bringing it back up as Office 2016 is now becoming widely available throughout the university. Office mix is a great tool for flipping the classroom, creating interactive online presentations with various question types. Two issues: 1) only compatible with Powerpoint 2013 and 2016 and 2) a much bigger issue unfortunately, it has to be downloaded and installed as an .exe file to be available. Presumably, this makes it impossible to use on a managed desktop.

Could it be made available through the software centre somehow? There are instructions here about how an organisation can install it ( but not sure of the procedure for having this made available. Seems a shame that such a powerful (free) tool that's integrated into software that everybody knows can't be made available. If anyone in CICS knows the answer....?

Is anyone at the ALT conference over the next few days? I'll be here for the duration (and presenting on Tuesday!) so would be good to meet up

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Lengthy paper from MIT about online learning, lots of interesting stuff in there but one thing caught my eye was the stress on the importance of 'learning engineers' (something that sounds very similar to a learning technologist)

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In January I've been asked to present at the student services management conference on the topic of 'tech tools for better management'. I've got a few ideas of things to present: Trello/Todoist for project/task management; various Google Forms/sheets add-ons such as Formmule and Autocrat for automating form responses but if anyone has got anything else they could suggest, I'd be very happy to hear about it. These need to be focussed on better management/admin procedures rather than teaching related.

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Added photos to BALEAP PIM: Process and Practice in EAP.
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We've got a conference coming up this Saturday and wanted to have a Twitter wall up for people to look at. Does anyone know of a  free website that can create a decent, attractive Twitter wall?
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