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Any Xmonad/Haskell heads that can take a look at my .hs file?
I'm trying to change default layout to spiral golden ratio but "xmonad --recomcompile" fails with "parse error on input 'where' ."

Also I've just got to grips with spawnOn, I'm wondering if it's possible to launch a consle app within a terminal.
I would like to launch ranger in xterm on workspace 4


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Pacman "Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate."....?

Never come across this before, I can't find anything about it relating to Pacman.
I cannot install!


Hi, i've been using xmonad for years and thought I'd try spectrwm.
Trouble is spectrwm won't launch.
It starts then goes back to login screen.

I've followed the 'making de/wm choice in the .xinitrc arch wiki:


case $session in
xmonad ) exec xmonad;;
spectrwm ) exec spectrwm;;

I've tried just using 'exec spectrwm' but that has the same result.

'exec xmonad' does work.

How do I launch spectrwm?

Cm12.1, HTC m8.
MMS service not activated.
Cannot send picture messages.
What am I doing wrong?

After last nights system upgrade I can't launch urxvt.
I'm using xmonad.
When I try to launch it with mode-shift- return the CPU goes up to 6% then back to 0%.
Launching with dmenu doesn't work either.
It's happened before and I switched to xterm but I want to stick to urxvt.

Ok, not having much luck here.
HTC M8 with CM12.1 and Capps.
I cannot install themes. They download but don't install.
I only have the default theme installed.

I've recently done a full system update, now xmobar battery status is stuck on 0% charge when on mains power or battery.
Anyone else experienced this?

Running CM12.1 with Capps on my M8.
I have 2 issues.

Themes won't install.
I have scoured the Internet for a fix for this but with no luck.

After an update through play store I've lost the vertical app drawer (with the alphabet along the bottom) and it's been replaced by a white horizontal one.
How can I change this back?

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