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February Music Selections
Hello! I've decided to semi-regularly share what I've been listening to on Spotify. No Joy Creep No Joy is best described as "dream metal"... they have a little dreampop but they can also go really hard....

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Best of the Year 2016: Song
Hi. I am behind on my "best of" lists. Here's what I thought was the best from pop/rock in 2016: "Watch Me" by ANOHNI "Lightning Turns Sawdust Gold" by Sleigh Bells "If I Lost You" by Garbage "Waves" by Kanye West "Violent Men" by ANOHNI "Zodiac" by Preoccu...

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2016 Retrospective: Loss
Memento mori As early as summer, I saw signs that people wanted to erase 2016 from history. Just skip it. The passive aggressive memes were strong. It had to do with politics, with socioeconomic outrage, with dying. Here are some crazy deaths: Harambe (1*) ...

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Entry #010
Beverly Hills, burning off plastic Scraped it away, I do, I may ... Hey, who's your man? Dances the alleys Cape land to colors rolling through the valley ... Hold tight, horizon eyes It's writing its name in the sky It's paradise! We fade away into the nigh...

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Internal dialog about the 2016 Election (Trump)
Is this a joke? Am I so out of touch with the public? Has Trump even read one book? I would have voted for almost anyone other than him, but never him. What side of history do these voters think they are on? Do I have to buy a gun now (to feel 'safe')? Does...

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Game of Thrones 2017 Season Predictions
Game of Thrones season six just ended. I really enjoy the show. I've only read the first book, so I'm focusing on the TV universe here when I say that it has jumped the shark. It was a good run, but the pop culture virus that makes all great franchises more...

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My Prince experience
I feel like this whole Prince death thing is an elaborate hoax, funny only to Prince and his collaborators. I know he had the flu a few weeks ago... did his religiousness bar him from treating it? Has Prince ever been sick and cancelled a concert before? I ...

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Best of the Year 2015: Movie
This year was when I saw the worst movie ever and maybe the best action movie of the last 20 years. Mad Max: Fury Road Viva practical effects! This movie rocked me. I thought the trailer was excellent--which normally sets the bar too high for a movie. I had...

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David Bowie
[insert stoic Bowie photograph from the 70s (or 80s) here] Like many Bowie fans, I was listening to Blackstar ( ★ ) on repeat this weekend. I was thinking about him a lot, especially that he turned 69. I watched dozens of his music videos and interviews on ...
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