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I hate fat this is so useful...I need this~~

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Another movie review.

I think I had been watching too much movies...


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Another movie review...but which i wrote about 3 years ago after watching "Inception"


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Alright...started a new blog writing about anything. But it's movie review for a start. I have finally watched Pacific Rim, and so I decided to write a review about the movie


I haven't been in here for quite a while and so the display stream has become a 2 column browsing stream. Not very used to it yet.

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I think I spent much more time than that on my iPhone... :p

Asians differ much I guess, we are basically glued to our phone whenever there's any free and spare time not working or sleeping or bathing...
yes, we look at phones too even when we are eating...

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My laptop went through a harddisk and motherboard overhaul and I was trying to reinstall some programs when I came across this article. the end for Live Messenger is nigh~~~

So I didn't bother reinstalling Live Messenger anymore...

Post has attachment that the future of print ad? But then again, I don't have an iPad, so it will still be as 2D as ever to me

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Rumour has it~~~
Well, I never read too much into what the rumor mills has always been spinning. But then again, if iPhone 5 fail to excite again like how it failed with the mismanagement of users' expectation of 4s, they are probably going to lose iPhone users like me. I'd probably belong to the group off users that don't really buy into brand loyalty, I'll go for what is e best that match my needs and expectations. I m starting to consider Samsung new models, but just waiting for the next iPhone model
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