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I voted today...
I went to the vote this morning. I'm pretty lucky that my polling center is less than two miles from my house. As I entered the polling center room, six septuagenarian women sat in a line behind some folding tables. The process was: Lady #1 asked my name La...

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Keystroke power bluetooth keyboard
With the popularity of the  Hanx Writer , it got me thinking about typewriters - something I hadn't thought about in quite a while! I remember my Dad had an old manual one. By comparison to today's ultra thin keyboards, the keystroke was really long - but I...

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Taxes: Part 1 - National Sales Tax
While there are certainly some people that hate all taxes, I accept taxes as something you need to operate a nation. I'd guess that taxes 'as a concept' don't bother people as much as the implementation, especially: 1) The crazy complicated method we have o...

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A Personal Car Integrated Shopping Cart
You know how the wheeled legs of an ambulance stretcher automatically fold up when the stretcher is pushed into the back of the ambulance? It'd be cool to use that same concept on shopping carts. So, the car (a hatchback style, or Minivan/SUV) would come wi...

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Copy path of file on SMB share on a Mac and convert to Windows format using Automator
I'm on a Mac. Most of my co-workers are on PCs. We store files on a network attached storage device that 'talks' Samba . I like to send links to files via email (instead of the file itself). So I need a quick way to convert the Mac/Linux file path format to...

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Now that I have new commute down to CMU campus, I have much more time to think (and yell at traffic!). One of the things I think about is traffic. My house is ~17 miles from work according to Apple maps. It takes my ~30 minutes to/from work in light traffic...

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Converting to a 'Standing Desk' Office
I'd read several articles about Standing Desks (including  Standing desks sit well with more employees  &  Five Health Benefits of Standing Desks ), and thought it sounded interesting. I've always been a little fidgety & thought standing my accommodate that...

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Lipreading texting interface
It's funny that on our 'phones' these days we do little talking. It's also funny that although we could just talk to someone with the phone, we choose to text them. I do it too. For lots for reasons, but the one I'm thinking about right now is that it is qu...
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