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Cute family tree printables from Family Search
I love the fan chart, don't get me wrong but I can see how it may not match everyone's decor. Luckily Family Search has just launched keepsakes . Here's what they look like. You can also include your children's names. Cute, right? And super easy to make. Re...

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Classic books that can help you learn more about your ancestors
I don't have any stories about most of my ancestors. I try to piece together what I can based on what I can find, but I'll never know much about their day-to-day lives by looking at the census . Usually I have to guess. I recently realized, though, that som...

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Don't copy someone else's family tree!
Recently I came across an article called "The Huge Genealogy Mistake We All Need to Stop Making Now" . Those kind of leading titles always get me and I'm usually disappointed but this one was good. What's the huge mistake? Copying someone else's genealogy r...

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Ancestor Snapshot Sheets: A three week Sunday lesson curriculum
The effort to teach youth about genealogy often focuses on finding new ancestors. I think this is a mistake. Sometimes. It's exciting to find a new ancestor, and for LDS youth it often completes a goal to find ancestor's names to bring to the temple. It's g...

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Billion Graves is giving away IPad minis
Billion Graves is giving away an IPad mini to everyone that uploads 50,000 (unique) images or transcribes 50,000 graves (or a combination of the two) within the month of May. No joke. This is what you have to do: 1. Sign up for a Billion Graves account (mus...

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How to sign in to FamilySearch using only your membership record number and birthday
Adults and youth alike, it's hard to remember all of your usernames and passwords. But there isn't much you can do on FamilySearch without logging in. However, if you know that you signed up for FamilySearch with your membership record number, you can remem...

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Explore your Family Tree Mutual Night
You want to do a family history mutual night. Wouldn't it be easier to just play volleyball? Nope. Because I have instructions for you! Before the big night: 1. Make sure all (or at least most) of the youth leaders are trained in the basics of FamilySearch ...

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How indexing can make you a better genealogist
Technically, indexing doesn't really count as genealogy or family history work. It gets lumped in there, for obvious reasons, but it's basically just a service project that helps genealogists. That said, participating in indexing can take your research to t...

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The FamilySearch Discovery Center near Temple Square
This weekend I was lucky enough to visit the FamilySearch Discovery Center  near Temple Square in Salt Lake City and it was a blast! Everyone in my group had fun, whether they were beginners or more experienced genealogists. Becky on her way to learn more a...

Post has attachment The FamilySearch Facebook crossover you've been waiting for
Don't you wish you could use Facebook for family history? You can!  brings Facebook and FamilySearch together . You can also invite family members to join your tree through e-mail or Google+. You can then use the tree to collect and share family m...
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