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Trust God !
Trust God !

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brought Mac Pro to protect my eyes
  My old Asus G75 is design for gamer, but i get a lot of plain of my eye balls, they are burning, but i have to continue working on my SEO, ranking, Chinese food Recipes , part time job, and most of my time need to take care my wife, who has much better ca...

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deep sad in the heart
   Tonight we are watching the Chinese TV show wumeiniang, and the JW visit us, i know why they are come here, because I stop attending their meeting, they want to know what happened to us, and explain why go meeting is very important, I am not ready go bac...

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Get Drunk Today
   Tonight go to my best friend, Chuan he Wang's store, a dry washing store, they can operate that store very well now and take time to do exercise, i feel so happy for their successful on their business,  they have got so many troubles before they get succ...

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Try Long tail keywords?
   I found plenty of keywords by SEMrush, but they have very little search volume per year, some of them only have 30 or 40 times per year, i am thinking about what about i rank them all? most of are related to my main keywords, those low volume keywords sh...

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payroll increased
   Yesterday, my boss rick let tell me that he will increase my payment a little bit, because i did SEO service for his customers, there could be two customers so far, and they will select some keywords let us rank them, i have no idea how much could i make...

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First Try on Ski
   Amy and i go to Carmel back mountain for ski on Saturday, that's a cool day for us, there have snow on the morning, we attend the beginner lesson, but i have very bad language, i do not know what the coach talking about, so i have no idea about how to ma...

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Happy about Keywords Research
   I found a code for 14 days free on Semrush, i spend a whole day to select my competitors and analysis their successful keywords which bring them tons of traffic, i think i can be successful this time if i am adding the content contain keywords, i think t...

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New tool to search Keyworks
   I found a new tool to search keywords for Google, that is Semrush, which can provide almost same data with Google, but all keywords are related and shown with accurate numbers, such as the rate about traffic, that means how many people will click the key...

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finally fix the SSL redirection
   Finally fix the SSL redirection problem, The host company did not take care this at all, I am really sad on this, they do want to charge your money, but the host is good average, the redirection take one week to transfer the old domain's authority to new...

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I like cooking for my wife
   I am consistent to prepare dinner and tomorrow's breakfast for my wife about 2 weeks, i do loving cook Chinese Food , I try fried rice, Chinese Cabbage with tofu, Broccoli with Shrimp, sour and hot potatoes,  most of them are following ancient Chinese Re...
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