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Anoop M
Indian, Innovator, Microsoft MVP, Trainer, Blogger, Speaker
Indian, Innovator, Microsoft MVP, Trainer, Blogger, Speaker

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Essential Terms to understand the container ecosystem
You heard the news - Embracing the world of Micro Services and Containers is essential to help you make your organisation's IT operations more agile, providing immediate operational benefits. Let us have a look at few essential concepts to help you start a ...

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Building Intelligent Spaces

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The Point Of Technological Singularity !!
What all decisions you made today were influenced by some kind of algorithms? When you asked google maps to show you the shortest driving route? Or when you asked Siri to show you the hotel for your break fast? Or when you checked Flip board or Twitter to f...

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Exploring Some Of The C# 6.0 Features
In my last post, we explored how to create a tiny Roslyn app to compile C# code, to test out some of the new C# 6.0 features. Read it here Now go ahead and play with some of the preview features. Try things out. Create a file with some C# 6.0 sugar and comp...

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