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TRADE MANAGER EA - Maybe the best one...

- Quick Position Management
The software can be used to manage position(s) easily. For example if you want to open or close a position, you can do it all with IceFX’s TraderAgent with only just one mouse click. Say goodbye to Metatrader’s Order Window.

- Position reverse
When you’re trading and you may think the market could turn opposite to your trading plans, with one click the existing position will be immediately closed and open a new, contrary position with the same LOT size. With this option TraderAgent can reverse the next trade.

- Breakeven function
When you have open position(s) and the market direction is going into your planned profit area, you may want to pull StopLoss to the opened position’s price (say, you’re passing breakeven point with 0 profit & 0 loss). All this process could be delivered by TraderAgent with your one single click.

- Close all function
If you have more than one position open (for example you’re in building positions or because of grid strategy), and at the same time you want to close all positions, you can simple close all with one click on “Close all” button on the control panel of TraderAgent.

- Risk-based lot calculation
You can specify the maximum risk you want to take and TraderAgent will calculate the trading volume (LOT) of the position based on your preset.

- Trailing stop function
The program supports trailing stop(s). With TraderAgent you can set trailing stops for positions.

- MagicNumber
With the MagicNumber feature IceFX’s TraderAgent gives the opportunity to manage positions already opened by any Expert Advisor (EA).

- Customization
You can easily rearrange the windows on the chart, or you can hide them if you wish.

- Daily Profit Information
You can clearly track your trading results in the Profit Info window. IceFX’s TraderAgent displays the daily/weekly/monthly and yearly profit results in both pips and in currency.

- Show detailed information of the position(s)
The program displays all information of your open position in a high-detailed format. You can clearly see maximum loss (in pips and in currency), maximum gain values (in pips and in currency), Risk/Reward ratio (R:R), current profit (in pips and in currency), etc.

- Dashboard window
With the dashboard display TraderAgent can display the most current market information, such as the current bid/ask price, current spread, daily-range, multi-timeframe MA, CCI, RSI and Stochastic semaphore, etc.

- Hedge
When during trading you feel the trading course is may be reversing and may start to go to the opposite direction, then with just 1 click you can open a hedge position which can ‘freeze’ your position to avoid short-term losses.

- Stealth Mode
The program is determined by the ability to hide your stoploss (SL) and Take Profit (TP) levels from your Broker.

- Trend line opening function
The software is capable to open position not just with manual initiative but also capable to open position in case of break-through of trend lines placed manually.

- Grid support
If the already opened position in terms of price is going to wrong direction with TraderAgent you have the option to “save” the position with grid trading. The robot with the specified grid parameter preset (lot multiplier, step, maximum number of position) starts the “grid.” This function can be used for each every opened position, so you may drag TakeProfit(TP) and StopLoss(SL) lines, the TrailingStop function is also fully working with the grid positions.

- 3-level partial close
IceFX’s TraderAgent is preloaded with 3 level auto part-closure. During the of the program use you can easily pre-configure how many percentage of your desired market price will be part-locked and based on the presets TraderAgent will be execute the partial closure when the price reaches the specified levels.

- 5 Trailing Stop function
If you’re using “TrailingStop” feature with IceFX TraderAgent you can choose fixed or dynamic. Using dynamic trailing stop there are 4 types to choose from (ATR, EMA, PSAR, HighLow).

- Predefined StopLoss and TakeProfit levels
Before opening a position it is possible to define this order TakeProfit (TP) and StopLoss (SL) levels. During risk-based trading prior to opening any position TraderAgent will calculate the size of the order (lot) based on the value of your specified loss.

- Quick pending order placement
TraderAgent provides hotkeys with you can one-click place order(s) for a specified distance (in pips) from the current price.

- Spread maximization
You can set up a maximum spread value. If the actual spread is above this level TraderAgent will not allow you to open position(s) in order to prevent larger handicap at the opening of the position.

- 4 Types of “Equity Auto Close” function
The program will immediately lock all position(s) on the account if a pre-specified (as a percentage and/or currency) profit and/or loss is reached.

- Using channels
Besides trend lines you can use equal size “Equidistant” channels during your trading.

- Making screenshots
The program can take screenshots of every opening and closing of a position(s) so this way you can document your trades in a professional way (this function is also available in “Backtest Mode”).

- Up to 3 different lot increasing modes in grid
IceFX TraderAgent can set 3 types of lot increase mode for managing grid positions (multiplication, shift, Fibo).

- Closing position(s) at a predetermined time
It is possible to preset a date when a specified amount (or all) of position(s) will close by the program. For this you only need to place a special vertical line on the chart.

- Remote Position Management
With TraderAgent it is possible to remotely (MT4 Mobile Client or another MetaTrader) modify any pending/open position(s). In this case the program will detect any modification(s) and continue to manage the position(s) accordingly.

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