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Join us for this months Android Stammtisch.

We'll get to hear the talk that was scheduled for the May meetup but had to be cancelled due to illness.
+Volker Leck and +Zvonko Grujić will present "Android Command Plugin - Use gradle tasks to run specific commands"

What the second talk will be about is up to you. Head over to the Google Moderator[1] to propose a talk and vote on the talks others have submitted.


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Meine neueste #Android App zur #Breminale 2014

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Whats new in Android

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#ioExtended in Berlin
This year we'll gather again on board of +c-base spacestation to watch the Google I/O live streams.

Join fellow developers and tech people in watching the sessions and discussing new developments and products.

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Google Play Services 4.1

The latest Google Play Services release adds support for turn-based multiplayer in Google Play games and introduces a Google Drive API for Android that you can use as a developer preview. 

Google Play services 4.1 also includes an updated Google Mobile Ads SDK that supports DoubleClick for Publishers and publisher-provided location, and in the Google+ Platform for Android provide an improved Google+ sharing experience makes it even easier to share right from your app. 

We’re currently rolling out Google Play services 4.1 to Android devices across the world, a process we expect to take several days. Once the rollout is complete, you'll be able to download the latest Google Play services SDK and start developing against the new APIs. Watch for more information, documentation, and videos coming next week. 

To learn more about Google Play services and the APIs available to you through it, visit the Google Services area of the Android Developers site.



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Just back from a whirlwind trip to Asia visiting our Android ecosystem partners in Korea, Taiwan, and Japan. Exciting to see all the high quality Android devices available now, including Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, LG G2, Sony Xperia and many more. Also looking forward to the new devices our partners are launching in Berlin at IFA, played around with them last week and really nice  -- stay tuned; we’ve got a lot more coming!

All this Android innovation is driving tremendous ecosystem momentum and I’m excited to share that together we’ve now passed 1 Billion Android device activations. Huge thanks to the entire Android community from the hardware manufacturers, chip makers and carriers to the developers and content creators to all of you - our Android users around the world - for making this possible. 

On my return from Asia, I was also thrilled to find this guy waiting to greet me on the front lawn -- love the new #AndroidKitKat statue and can’t wait to release the next version of the platform that is as sweet as the candy bar that’s one of our team’s favorites:)

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Habt ihr einen Studienplatz in Bremen? Und ihr kennt euch noch gar nicht aus? Dann helfen euch unsere Tipps zum Start ins Studentenleben vielleicht weiter!

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