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pdf android text-to-speech
pdf android text-to-speech


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The most recent beta update added more tools so you can give us some feedback right from the app.  We realize 3 stars is not a good rating, and we want to spend more time improving the existing features before adding new ones.

This update will be released to the general Pdf-to-Speech user-base soon.  Let us know of any bugs so we can fix them before then.

Thanks for being part of the beta tester community.

Pdf-to-Speech version 12.7 Beta is out.

It includes a unified user interface for all Android users (2.2+).

Gingerbread Users can now enjoy.
*Better file manager.
*Using Themes

ICS users can also now have a better file manager.

The option to re-size text is back as requested by some of you.

The next update will feature improvement on the find/replace tool.

Thanks for using Pdf-to-Speech Pro. 
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You can go to page and go to sentence by pressing the "Change Sentence" Button.  It will show a panel with additional browsing options !
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The upcoming update is a getting closer to alpha release.  It will have a redesigned find/replace tool.  Many of you have requested improvements on this tool like being able to replace phrases with periods in them.  

For example, replacing Dr. with Doctor will merge the the sentence with 'Dr.' and the sentence where the doctor's last name is mentioned.  It will improve readability.

The find/replace rules will be able to be applied on to a specific language or a category.  This mostly will open the possibility for Practical Apps to provide ready-made rules to the user.  For example,  adding a  square bracket emitter to scientific research papers so you don't have to hear "left square bracket one right square bracket"

We are also working to add a acronym "unfurler"  so its easy to tell Pdf-to-Speech to read out an acronym.

There are other gems hidden in the code that will be revealed as the features get closer to release.

What updates would you like to see in the future ?
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The beta release now has PDF decryption support.  We appreciate feedback on new features and bug reports about existing features.

The latest version of Pdf-to-Speech Pro includes a component called Nitro Drive.  The component offers easy, in-app access to multiple cloud drives.  Currently it includes and Google Docs.  Future updates will include GDrive, and DropBox.  The update is available for any Jelly Bean 17 device (like the Nexus 7).
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Practical Apps has opened the strings (Labels on buttons, text views, seek bars, etc.) of Pdf-to-Speech Pro to crowdsourcing.  If you or someone you know would like to see a new language supported in an upcoming release or would like to submit a fix for a current translation,  simply go to this site

and add corrections.

Continued community participation helps Pdf-to-Speech Pro stay alive with monthly feature updates and bugfixes.
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Pdf-to-Speech has a bug-fixing update out now.  The update fixes problems with some PDF documents reported by users.  

We are already working on new further features as well as improvements of the current features.

Please let us know what features and improvement you would like to see next.  Use this reddit page

To suggest new features.  Reddit ranking will be used to prioritize the features. 
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Pdf-to-Speech Pro was tested successfully on a Dell XPS Windows 8 running BlueStacks.  For those that have been waiting for a way to use Pdf-to-Speech on Windows, this is the best way right now and should get better as the software is improved.  

Try it and let us know what is working and what is not for that new platform.  

There is no relationship between Practical Android Apps and  You should practice the same level of security with this application as you do with other software downloaded from the Internet.
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