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_direct_read_decision_statistcs_driven, _small_table_threshold and direct path reads on partitioned tables in (Part 2)
This is continuation of my last post regarding direct path reads on partitioned tables in Oracle To recap, the behavior I observed is that direct path reads will be performed if number of blocks for all partitions that will be accessed exceeds _sm...

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_small_table_threshold and direct path reads on partitioned tables in
I was troubleshooting a performance problem few days ago. The database the problem was experienced on was recently migrated from Oracle to Oracle Long story short, the problem was described as performance of a query that scans two or more...

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Find the enabled events using ORADEBUG EVENTDUMP
Just a quick note on how to use ORADEBUG in order to find events that are enabled on system or session level. Starting from Oracle 10.2 you could use ORADEBUG EVENTDUMP in order to get all events enabled either on session or system level. (not sure if this ...

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Fun with global temporary tables in Oracle 12c
Few months ago I wrote a post about 12c
session specific statistics for global temporary tables ( link ). Long awaited
feature no matter what. Recently I had some discussions on the
same subject with members of my team. One interesting observation was the

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Playing with Oracle Spatial - An important consideration when using SDO_NN operator
I've been playing with Oracle Spatial quite a bit lately and ran into some interesting things that I  plan to write about in the next couple of posts. This post covers an important consideration, I think, one should make when using SDO_NN spatial
operator w...
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