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writer, fugitive, superhero
writer, fugitive, superhero

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Sexy Superhero 5-Day Freebie
Need a date for Valentine’s Day? Well, I can’t really help you there.  But you could curl up with a  free ebook  featuring a femme fatale superheroine in high-heeled boots and a corset! Friday, February 10 th  through Tuesday, February 14 th ,  Silk Spider:...

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Book #2 in Sci-Fi Series
This feels like a Two-Face reference already.  But on this day, 2/2 (2017) I have Book #2 in the Cold Stars sci-fi series of stories up and ready to roll. (In ebook form, anyway; paperback coming in the next couple weeks.)      A naval scientist leads the e...

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Urban Fantasy Giveaway: One-Eyed Jacks are Wild
Click this very line to enter an Amazon giveaway! I've got TEN ebook copies of One-Eyed Jacks lined up to go.  Simply follow the link, click the button to follow me on Amazon (meaning you'll get an email from Amazon when I have new releases, stuff like that...

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Black Friday: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, & Superhero EBooks
I considered calling this the "Blackest Friday" sale, just to put some over-the-top dramatic spin on it, but decided that was too much.  (We get enough exaggerated crap fed to us as it is, don't we?)  But I do keep changing the name of this sale. That's bec...

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Space Marine
In the last couple days I've started playing the old Xbox Space Marine game again.  (If you ask me something like "the first one or second one?" it's probably the first, 'cuz I'm not aware that there was more than one.) This is a really cool game, though th...

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The End of Circus Sale: 99-Cent Ebooks
I originally (just days ago) called this the "End of Civilization" sale, before the actual election results.   Now, in the aftermath of the election, you may or may not think that first title is appropriate.  Either way, I prefer not to offend anyone's poli...

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End of Civilization Sale!
With the election finally ( finally! ) coming around the bend, we can see Armageddon closing fast.  As such, I figured it was time to throw an  End of Civilization Sale!  From now until the end of the year (and life as we know it), EVERY J. D. BRINK TITLE W...

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Casting Call: Nathan Fillion or Chris Pratt?
Who will play the Jack of Spades?  Honestly, probably neither of these guys, but that’s the fun of a fancast, right?  Today I’m going to cast the would-be movie of my new book,  One-Eyed Jacks . ( Which you can still pre-order at a reduced price until Hallo...

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Evolution of a Book Cover
This is a post that's actually over on my new website .  I wanted to copy and paste it over here too, but the images just make such a task too BIG.   So here's a link.  Check it out!

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Pulp, Noir, and Asian Mythology for Pre-order Now!
Fourteen years in the making, the first short novel (now not quite as short) I'd ever written is finally ready to be published!  And you can pre-order it today at a reduced price!   Rails End, California. 1980s. As a former Vegas magician, Jack knows the wo...
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