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My winshield was totally demolished. 
 I called on a Saturday earliest moble appt I could get was following Wednesday between 12&5 . Wednesday at 4:50 I got a call from safelight tech saying he couldn't make it that day that I had to b rescheduled. The next scheduled day would be the next Wednesday. Between 12&5 . Explained my situation to tech. That was my only veical and the winshield was totaly blown out . That I couldn't wait.
His reply was to call another company !
  Totaly unacceptable!! 
    On Thursday I called the safelight office in 
 Jonesburo. Ga. . I wish I could remember the gentlemans name that I spoke to . But after explaining the issues with my previous scheduled time of winshield replacement. And my current situation. He opoligied for the inconvenience. And made sure my winshield got replaced the next day! 
    I didn't have a problem with the tech calling and telling me he couldn't make it that day I was scheduled for . I totally understand that unforeseen 
 things happen. And your schedule gets shot.
  What I had a problem with was being told the next available appointment was the following Wednesday!
 And if I didnd like it call another company!
   I'm not fimlar with safelights scheduling procedures
 but it seems to me that the phone call i should have recived. Should have been something like, 
 Mr. Tamasi this is John Doe with safelight im running behind schedule. I won't be able to make it today as scheduled. I apologize for the inconvenience. But I can come out first thing in the morning . If that's convenient for you. 
   If I would have recived that phone call. I would have given safelight 5 stars across the board and recommended safelight to everyone! 
  I apologize for such a long explanation as to why I gave the rating that I did. 
    I hope this letter does not fall on def ears. And the proper adjustments can be made . So future safelight customers get top quality service! 
       Thank you
            William Tamasi
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