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wow!  This taught me about taking the right moment to teach.  

The lessons that I learn from this story are:

Why are parents embarrassed when a child make a comment like this?  
Maybe because we feel like we have taught (or should have taught) our children to mind their words and not say mean things, and then a comment comes out like this and we are embarrassed that we hadn’t taught them or that they hadn’t learned the lesson.  
Maybe because we realize that we haven’t taught our children before that moment, and so we are embarrassed that we didn’t better teach them before we got into the situation

When is the best time to teach?

Due to our embarrassment, we fumble on our response and we rush off to teach at a later time, or as we are walking away.  But is the right lesson being taught by this reaction?

What better opportunity to teach is there than to stop right then and do as this mother suggests?  If we stop in the moment and talk with the individual and the mother, all involved would learn the proper lesson.  He is just a boy even though he looks different.  He is just like you and me in many ways.  

Sometimes our emotions get the best of us and we miss the real lesson to be learned.

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What a great reminder!
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