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Karen Wristen, executive director of the Living Oceans Society, said the decision "has absolutely no basis in science and is simply a political move to clear the way to approve the pipeline."

Downgrading means that the government would no longer have to designate critical habitat for the whale's recovery, Wristen said. Currently, that designated critical habitat consists of areas near Kitimat, B.C. – the proposed western end of the Northern Gateway pipeline – where the whales feed and rear their young in the spring and summer.

How very convenient - take a species off the "threatened" status, so that there is no longer a requirement to protect their habitat, which just so happens to be where the proposed western end of the pipeline.

Can we get a real Environment Minister please, one with a spine and that is more than a simple talking head for Harper? Ms Aglukkaq is nothing more than a mouthpiece, with absolutely nothing to her name.
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The Canadian government is downgrading the protection of humpback whales off the coast of B.C. under the Species at Risk Act amid fears that the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline will turn the whales' habitat into a major oil shipping corridor.
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So, while eating his dinner, Oscar accidentally spilled some of his cucumber dressing on the floor.

I told him not to worry about it; it was an accident. I grabbed some paper towels to give him to mop up the mess, but he ran out of the room... Only to return with the little "men at work" sign you can see at the bottom right.

This kid is destined to be an engineer... A very cute engineer.
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Totally adorable! :D
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Tim Hunt

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And this is where he ended up passing out from exhaustion... On the mat in front of the door.

Honestly, I'm loathe to move him. He's totally passed out, and he might wake up if I try.
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Geez, what a little cherub!
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I wonder which set of copyright maximalist-lobbyists wrote the bill....
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And what have we learned? Don't ask questions if you're not prepared for the answers.
I guess the truth hurts.

CBC News: Economic Action Plan ad questions dropped from survey.
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It was a propaganda machine. Nothing else. Boasting of a work program that hadn't even started.
The action plan is likely a ruse to cover the foreign workers initiative (that many employers are using to exclude Canadian workers and exploit foreign nationals)
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Damn you, +ThinkGeek ... now I have to find a way to make more room in my already overflowing t-shirt drawer.
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"My life is completely different than my mother and father. I have my rights here and I’m allowed to exercise that. No one tells me what to do and what not to do."

"This country protected my life. It gave me freedom, gave me things I didn’t have in Afghanistan. If Afghanistan is my soul, Canada is my body."
Maryam Sahar Naqibullah, once the Canadian Forces' only female translator in Afghanistan, has followed a risky path that has taken her from a classroom held on patch of desert in Kandahar, to the halls of Ottawa's Carleton University.
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At this point, I think Enbridge should accept the fact that the Northern Gateway pipeline just ain't gonna happen. It doesn't matter if the federal government approves it; it doesn't matter if the provincial government approves it. Without the support of the many First Nations' through whose land the pipeline runs, it's dead on arrival.

This isn't about money, the economy, prosperity... for most of these Bands, it's about protecting a way of life, and no amount of promises, concessions or cash is going to make it "ok".
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The federal government is expected to rule on the project in mid-June. If it is approved, aboriginal groups say they will bury it in lawsuits. If that fails, they say they are willing to lay down their bodies to protect the earth, which they see as their children's inheritance.
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Tim Hunt

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After a wonderful visit, with lots of playing, the grandparents had to leave.
Commence meltdown.
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I guess he was to tired to get on the sofa or bed :-)
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Tim Hunt

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Oscar and I went to the little playground by our house, and ended up being divebombed by a territorial hummingbird. You can hear the highpitched squeal he makes as he zips past.
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Yeah, it's really neat, isn't it? Apparently it's not a territorial thing, but rather a mating thing.
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