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Ha Rep Pat Meehan bravely blocks funding on canceled White House renovation project. Must be a great way to earn a living.

So does google not want us to use their products? Seriously they wanted me to log into my personal account to install an add on to chrome on my work machine.

Check ain't happening, had to look for an alternative. Really getting sick of this privacy invasion creep. Yes I do get the irony of posting this on G+, but where else would they read it.

+Martin Cook skews facts about Zimmerman case and then locks comments.

Just think these things need to be called out.

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Some of you are secretly playing this right now.. 

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Devo reunion.
DEVO releasing a song to remember the dog strapped to the roof of the Mitt Romney family vacation car. Yep,the guy strapped a dog to the roof of the car. Humane kinda guy.

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The normal side of me just thinks this is a fantastically done video.  The science geek side of me is just really curious what it means to "reinvent the toilet".

Did anybody realize this was that big of a problem?  What do you think it means to reinvent the toilet?

Reinvent the Toilet | Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

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I'm starting to think that Karl Pilkington is going to have to surrender the title.

My G+ Policy.

If you don't feel your time is worth dealing with comments on your posts, and have to lock down comments.  Then I don't think you are sharing anything that's worth my time reading, so you are out of my circles.

I don't have to agree with what you have to say all the time, but at least be open to discussing it.  If you aren't then go do your own blog somewhere.  It's called social media, remove the social part and it's just media. 
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