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Want to share our new Media Center modeled after the YOUMedia Center in Chicago at our public high school near Pittsburgh, PA.  Just opened a couple of weeks ago...The kids love the space and kids don't want to leave the media center after school now...Cafe, TV studio, Sound Studio, ebooks, laptops, iPads, bean bags, flat screen TVs, game consoles and tons of digital projects being created for classes!  A connected learning space that has taken off in a traditional high school...
EFmedia Center Grand Opening
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What a great site! Love the partnerships with local universities to provide mentors!
Thanks!!  Worked with our new student teachers today and we are trying to reinvent this process.  Instead of the student teachers taking over the entire course load of the classroom teacher, the student teacher will spend one period in the new Media Center.  We have 9 student teachers and 9 periods, perfect!  The student teachers will gain the experience of all of the digital media in the space and become mentors for students and even existing teachers who do not feel comfortable using all of the technology.  They also get to build their resumes! Can't wait to see what these student teachers can do to reinvent education!
Teachers are now using the Media Center all of the time now enhancing their lessons using the sound studio, tv studio, electronic databases, e-books and e-magazines, app building, art projects...project-based learning with all of the resources in the media center.  Student teachers all have one period in the media center everyday and they are getting trained all of the technology and electronic resources.  They are starting to be mentors for the students and they help the other teachers who don't feel comfortable with all of the technology.  We have a long way to go, but it has been great so far!  A physical education class was in the media the last several mornings creating videos on health related areas and they did research before they created these videos.  What is different about our space is the tv studio and sound studio are open to every student and teacher every period of the day and before and after school.  Call me anytime to discuss...
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