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Things you'll never hear a developer say:

1. Don't bore me with the details when you write your support ticket!
2. Come on, look beyond the data and follow your heart. ♥
3. Please state your business goals using as many vague idiosyncratic marketing catch phrases as possible.

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I find this amusing. :-)
Alphabet Taught To Kids Nowadays

I disagree with some of the letters (k, n, z) but still the concept is funny.

Though this might apply to tech parents only. :)



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Interesting interview with Ford's social media manager about their relationship with Google + and other social media tips.

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Here's a great infographic that outlines the benefits and best practices of Google+ Business Pages.

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"How many times are we faced with a prospect who thinks SEO is about sprinkling magic fairy dust on a website so that it ranks #1 in Google all of the time for every targeted keyword phrase?"

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A violation of Constitutional rights and the free exchange of ideas that has made the Internet what it is, SOPA must go down. If you agree, click here and sign the petition.

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Really, Microsoft? Good luck with that.

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How NOT to do Remarketing. :-)

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Intriguing argument for a shorter American work week and more vacation time. I agree that Americans value consumption more than leisure and creative, active, productive leisure is crucial to societal and family health (physical, emotional, and mental).

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Fascinating study reveals the brand affinities of youth.
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