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Improve your Google Plussing with Numbers

How? Thanks to the Google+ API that was launched recently we can now collect figures on our engagement here... not to have a competition amongst power users but to make our engagement more effective and to organize our time on here in a much better way.

Sure, there are tools like klout (according to +Michelle Marie's post, klout isn't fully functional yet either) and hootsuite that quantify your reach but there is one very simple, direct and blunt tool which gives me all my numbers as they are and that I think paints a much better picture. And that site is called all my +.

All my + - www.foldedsoft.at/+/allmy+/ by +Gerwin Sturm

1. What is it?
This site is just one simple page which takes your g+ profile ID in a text box and chucks out all stats for your posts in a table along with other helpful charts and breakdowns.

2. What does it look like?
As an example you can look at the figures for my profile here: bit.ly/gp_stats_me

It displays three types of charts for my engagement on g+:
- Timeline
- Posting behaviour per weekday
- Posting behaviour per hour

3. How do I use these figures and charts?
If you notice on my stats page, the hour chart tells me I've posted something during every hour of each day and should probably get more sleep. (+Alida Brandenburg you were right!)

Or that I am getting more shares than comments on my posts. Therefore, I need to alter my posts in a way that encourages more discussions.

Or that my reshares are low compared to original content. Therefore, I need to reshare more stuff that the g+ community has to offer.

So on and so forth...

4. Who should use these stats?
These stats are helpful to all users that share something publicly on g+. They are not limited for a select group of power users with 100k+ members. Anyone can use these stats to see how they're engaging with the community, what is good and what needs improvement.

5. Any drawbacks?
There is one drawback with this site which is actually a flaw in google+. Your g+ profile at the moment only saves a maximum of 250 of your most recent posts on your "wall". The rest are somewhere on the google+ server but they cannot be reaching by clicking more at the bottom of your profile. You can search for them in google and access them, yea, but you definitely cannot find them on your profile. Hopefully this limit will be taken off sooner rather than later. The facebook timeline actually did a good job of solving this post-disappearing problem... BUT that is a debate for another post.

So, please look into these figures for your profile and see how you're performing. This is especially important if you're looking to increase your reach. If, however, you really don't give a damn then that is fine too! :)

Thank you for reading through. As always your feedback is most welcome.

+Ahmed Zeeshan

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