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Obinna Egbule
Straight-up Non-Conformist
Straight-up Non-Conformist

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How to be really good at listening.

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How to be really good at listening.

Hate only hurts the person who feels that emotion and does nothing to the object of your hatred.

The tragic and cold-blooded murder of a black
teenager, Trayvon Martin, in Sanford Florida

Dear Women,

You paint your Lips, Flaunt your Cleavage & Wear Butt-Hugging Jeans, then you want us to notice your Emotions! Seriously?! How are we supposed to notice your emotions when those ones are glaring us in the face?

Sincerely, Men

There is always one thing to be THANKFUL every
morning, to witness the beauty of being alive under GOD'S GRACE.

Inner peace is being able to rest at night knowing you haven't used or taken advantage of anyone to get to where you are in life. Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons. Run a marathon. Live so that when others think of fairness, integrity and reliability, they think of you.

After a while, waiting gets boring. Your crush doesn't seem so attractive anymore and you realize you need to stop wasting your time.
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