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My client told me to hold on the proposed USD investment plan as RM is at lowest since 2009.

Well, I gently remind him to "look another way".... No one really knows the market but one thing quite sure is, if you do dollar averaging investment, you won't buy at most expensive or cheapest and the up and down become less relevant over a horizon of 20 years.

What do you think?
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Motor (Car) Insurance, the new pricing
Better driver will get better price. Good research will get you a better price. Look for a good agent may give you a better deal. Coming soon.... this July 1, 2017.

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Are you buying Health Insurance or Medical Insurance??
What is the different between Health Insurance and Medical Insurance? For most people, it sound the same. Only till recently I see the different myself. You pay premium for "Medical Insurance" to ensure you can afford to pay medical bills when something bad...

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How to fund your retirement?
There are various way to fund your retirement. You can dispose your house in Klang Valley and move to rural area as a way to fund your retirement. Today, we discuss only those can be done via regular saving method. If you are employee of a company, EPF is n...

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Why you need Emergency Fund? Can EIS helps?
Most American do not have enough emergency cash. Malaysian also same same... As an example, imagine you're out of work, you need RM5,000 a month to cover your living costs, and all you have is RM500 in a savings account.  Now let's assume that you weren't f...

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What should be your key (money) concern?
For most people, not super rich and not an orphanage, will only have three (3) key money concern. Other problem must be tackle too but these three (3) should be made top priority. Some people ignore it but some people are ignorance (i.e. not knowing the pro...

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What happens when mortgage payment defaulted (not paying on time)??
When one offered a loan by the bank, usually he / she only focus on the interest rate, lock-in period and MRTA requirement, if any. Most people don't know this "Default Clause" where borrower fails to pay the installment on time. What will happens if you ha...

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You have any of these "Worst Money Mistakes"??
Do you agree that the Golden Rule is Personal Finance is Earn More than Spend . So long as you spend less than you earn (i.e. saving) over a long long period of time and you invest the different, you will be doing better and better. The KEY words are:- Savi...

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Money and Gold
In 1900, yes, about 116 years ago, the World GDP (WGDP) was just $1.1 trillion. It took half a century (50 years) to grow fourfold to $4.01 trillion. Then, another tenfold to $41 trillion in 1990. In 2016, the WGDP totalled about $77.83 trillion. The Big Le...

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Independent Financial Adviser (known as Representative in Malaysia & Singapore)
Mr. Chong Kong Hui,  Accountant by profession,  is now an  Independent Financial Adviser , Approved   by Bank Negara Malaysia (as Financial Adviser's Representative) and Securities Commission (For Financial Planning).  He is now attached to  Excellentte Con...
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