Nauru Athletics Association held its AGM on Saturday 19th of January 2013.  The AGM was held at the EK Conference room Civic Centre.

The three year general elections for the Executve Committee was called into session on that day.  The election process was overseen by NOC Dominic Cain representative, who was assisted by EK's development officer Leona Star.

Hansome Adumur was nominated for President, and he accepted.  There was no other nominations and he was elected.

Following after were the nominations for Vice President (Charmi Depaune), 2nd Vice President (Gordon Dageago) the General Secretary (Richie Halstead) and the Treasurer (Roy Harris).

All nominees were elected unopposed, with the exception of the General Secretary where Leona Starr was also nominated, and to which she declined.

All regional representatives were present, except for BLUES athletics club, whose 2nd vote was absent during the election process.

On proxy were Ubenide and Evergreen.  It is of a worthy note that the re-election of the previous members of the Nauru Athletics Association went unopposed in contrast to previous elections fraught with commotions of disagreements. This election also reflects that the Athletics Association has performed satisfactorily of what is expected of them, while their report outlines significant achievements it would be hard to remove them from office.

The NAA President 2012 Report  concluding statement sums up his experience with the NAA committee: 

"..this is the best team I have ever worked with, who all contributed positively, putting aside negative and petty issues to focus our volunteered time and efforts to good use for NAA.  I believe that we have remained professional and given the best of our efforts to maintain the success of NAA"
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