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World's next biggest Rafa fan. As you can see +tareem heath​, I'm starting him early.

Now I just need to find an infant sized racket for him to play with. 

Anyone interested in an AT&T Note 2 with a cracked screen?  It still functions perfectly fine, and it looks like it simply needs a glass replacement.  

I'm looking to offload it as my wife and I don't need it (she got a Note 3 and my N5 is on its way), so I don't want to take the time to repair it.

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This is a great interview with Nadal from Charlie Rose.  

When people ask why Nadal is my favorite sportsman I should just point them to this interview.  The way he answers questions with respect to tennis, other players, and the fortune he's had in his ability to be such a great player is what makes him a spectacular role model.  It's this attitude, more than his tennis, that makes me respect Nadal.

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While Hewitt played a great match, I have to wonder if there was anything wrong with Delpo.  I stayed up to watch the match last night and I think I saw two backhands from DelPotro that were not slices, and a slew of double faults.

However, that's not taking anything away from Hewitt, he did well to attach the weaknesses that Delpo presented.

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I'd love to see what +Rafael Grossmann thought of his use of Glass in the OR.  I'm excited to see more applications of Glass in medicine, and I applaud him for pushing the envelope.

Hopefully EMHS will realize the potential of utilizing this technology and make it commonplace in the hospital.

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Went for a hike with my wife this afternoon on Parkman Mountain at Acadia National Park.  We are fortunate enough to have a location like this about 35 minutes from our house.

+Hamid Marc Afsharieh I know that you're big into hiking, so I figured you may enjoy these shots.  Note that my dog looks like a demon with two heads in one of the photospheres.

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Cold and rainy day in Boston. Made for a good visit to the Museum of Science.

The segway tour was a little chilly, but it was still fun. I think everyone got cold but me, I accredit that to my layers of blubber.

Next up, dinner and beer. 

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I think it's safe to say that the top half of the Men's Draw is stacked pretty heavily for the French Open.  Nole has a difficult draw, and as a Nadal fan I hope he gets knocked out before the Semis. 

I was really hoping that Nadal and Djokovic wouldn't meet until the finals, because I don't know if Nadal can take Djokovic out right now.  I hope he can, but it's going to be a difficult match.

Federer shouldn't have too difficult of a time until the quarters.  But again, it's tennis.  You have to earn your way through and it only takes one bad day to throw off the draw.

#rafaelnadal   #tennis   #novakdjokovic   #frenchopen  

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Busy weekend of yard work. But it's been worth it.

Put a frame up in Sara's pen so I could put in some stone. The guy who delivers it was awesome and offered to come out and deliver it this afternoon (I didn't ask, he's just awesome). So no more muddy paws after a rainy day.

Then it was moving about 2 chord of wood (front half of the lawn was covered also, but I cleaned it up). Now I only have to move another 2 chord until the splitting and stacking begin.

Overall, the point of this post is just to say I earned my beer this evening. 
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So I'm watching the Azarenka vs. Stosur match right now, and the screeching is driving me insane.  

I understand grunts when hitting a heavy forehand or backhand.  I won't hold that against anyone; however when hitting a drop volley there is no reason at all to scream loud enough for me to hear you echo through the skies from thousands of miles away (this may be a slight exaggeration).

Just had to get that off of my chest.
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