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HRM Council slashed by 7 seats! Maybe with seven fewer councillors to bicker with each other, something will actually get done around here. Will be interesting to see the new boundaries, though: some of the current boundaries are rather odd already.

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Please take a minute to visit . They're running an online action on an issue that I think will concern you. It takes two minutes and you can make a difference.

I wonder what that driver was so irritated with me this morning. I called "Good morning", I smiled... she looked at me, then proceeded to do her best to ignore me while smoking her cigarette, even speeding a whole 5m ahead of me. Fine, I go on my way. She eventually catches up later, and I try one more time. I get exasperated jestures and when I finally go over to the driver-side of the car to talk to her, I get a "WTF?!?" "Ma'am, your brake lights are burnt out. Have a nice day."

Sheesh, try to help a person and get nothing but attitude.

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It's not as if we all don't already have enough idiots on the road to deal with without more idiots like this spreading the idea that it's not only ok but FUNNY to run us down in their cars.

Good ride to work this morning. Enjoying the summer, but I need to get out the door sooner so that it's not so warm when I head out.
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