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Gamer, 80's Punk, Lifelong Conan Fan, & Pulp Hero


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We had our first session today using an adventure that I wrote. We are all totally new to Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, but not new to RPG's.
Overall impressions were really good! The system really encourages roleplay. We all liked how the characters have careers, so it's not just a fighter, magic user, and thief out adventuring for who knows why. The characters all felt real immediately, and it really drove the narrative. The game is also pretty zoomed in, meaning that details matter and this also drives roleplay. We only had one short combat, and I felt like I was doing everything wrong, but in actuality I think we did everything just fine. Combat also felt great and realistic. The witch only has petty spells right now, but magic felt really great too. Real and dark and fun.
I loved it and am looking very much forward to continuing!

Here's a rundown of the adventure, Nachexen, so far:

Sidgurd remembers men coming to his family’s estate and having heated conversations with his father. He remembers waking up to fire and screaming. Somehow he made it out of the burning estate house, but his parents did not. His sister was found dead on the lawn, owl feathers clutched in her hand. Sigurd was taken a ward of the state and is now a Horseman in the forces of Ubersreik.

Wulfgang’s grandfather had a room in his family home when he was growing up. He remembers the old man telling stories about how the family was once nobility. Wulfgang’s mother says it just senility. His grandfather also has nightmares of owls, and sometimes repeats the phrase “to scrounge in the dirt like rodents!” Wulfgang joined the Ubersreik guard as a pass sentry.

The young witch was still a Hexer in the hamlet of Oberstadt when Ursula, her coven leader, had the coven enact a ritual over a corpse that went horribly wrong. The young witch’s shepherd dog jumped to protect her and took the brunt of the blast that killed everyone else. The dog was mostly a skeleton, but still somehow alive. The Hexer and the dog stumbled to Ursula’s hut, where she grabbed a grimoire, a burned owl mask, and some mostly burnt papers which hinted at necromantic experiments. Her entire village eerily dead, she fled into the wild.

Nachexen (After-Witching)
1st day of Spring - Nachexen 17 (Angestag), 2510

Sidgurd and Wulfgang had become friends while on duty at Grey Lady Pass. When their rotation ended, they were asked to perform a special duty for the empire. They were to accompany a Witch Hunter, Max Engel, and a priest of Sigurd, Ludwig von Hoffman, to the hamlet of Oberstadt. As the winter ended rumors came to Ubersreik that the hamlet had been destroyed by evil at the beginning of winter.

The temple loaned the party a coach, and their coachman and cook Werner Koch. Midday Werner had to stop and empty his bowels. He had a case of Bloody Flux, and asked if the party might stop at his home hamlet of Michelsdorf, which neighbored Oberstadt, as his mother had a home remedy for the flux. Thinking they may get information about Oberstadt and a place to stay for the night, the party agreed.

Meanwhile, the young Hexer had wintered in the forest and was now returning to Oberstadt to see if she could pick up any more clues about what Ursula had been up to that caused the destruction of the hamlet, and to make sure Ursula was truly dead. Her dog had mostly returned to normal looking, but she knew it wasn’t really normal. Still, it was very protective of her. She met a man on the road named Simon, dressed in ragged leather shirt and cap, who fancied himself a brigand. He suggested they travel together as they both seemed to want to remain incognito. Together they avoided a Road Warden, and Simon saw the Hexer use petty magic.

The coach arrived in Michelsdorf as evening was arriving and Werner’s family was very inviting to the group. His mother gave Werner her home remedy for his flux, and his sister Margaret brought out a book for Wulfgang to read to them all, while they ate and drank. Sidgurd heard the horses get restless and took Wulfgang out to investigate.
Meanwhile, the Hexer and Simon had arrived at Michelsdorf, and Simon had suggested robbing the fancy coach that was parked outside one of the homes while the Hexer kept watch. The nervous Hexer heard a strange noise and tried to warn Simon with magic, but miscast and was knocked prone. Simon found a mark of a Witch Hunter in the coach and ran to warn the Hexer just as Sidgurd and Wulfgang exited the house. Wulfgang had great night vision and saw Simon running, but also saw the reason for the horses upset; four skulking goblins! The two warriors charged the goblins, surprising and killing two, while the recovered young Hexer cast a sp0ell to scare the other two goblins away. Simon and the Hexer then ran off, and Wulfgang only gave small chase.

Nachexen 18 (Festag), 2510

The Hexer and Simon arrived in Oberstadt in the morning. Simon said this was where his “gang” was supposed to meet him. They noticed that the buildings all looked “off” somehow, and whispers, shouts, and screams could be heard on the wind. Simon was spooked, so the Hexer told him to go back and watch the road, as she suspected the Witch Hunter was coming this way. He was to whistle if he saw trouble. She then went to investigate the hamlet. Entering the first home, she found a blackened corpse that fell into dust when touched. She also heard many whispers telling her to distrust her new friend, and other doubtful things. (She gained 2 Corruption).

Meanwhile the coach rumbled down the road toward Oberstadt. The Witch Hunter, Max Engel, was hung over, much to the disapproval of Priest Ludwig von Hoffman. Scouting ahead on his mount, Sidgurd saw Simon skulking in the brush and approached. When Simon saw Sidgurd he tried to whistle, but could not. Sidgurd captured him and took him back to Ludwig, who tried to intimidate him into saying why he was there. Simon lied and said he was there with his dog, and his dog ran into the hamlet but he was afraid to go in after because it was haunted. With Simon’s hands tied and led behind Sidgurd’s horse, the group continued into the hamlet

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Red Sonja / Tarzan issue 6 review

It was with great trepidation that I received the last issue of the Red Sonja / Tarzan crossover. I couldn't bring myself to open it on the first day, the horror of previous issues had been too much. Finally, the morning of the second day, bolstered by sunlight and warm coffee I began to read...

The cover art is passable. Of the variant covers, Aaron Lopresti's is again the best, and Sergio Davila again outdoes himself with grotesque atrocity. I'll admit, the funnest part of this entire series has been seeing how bad Davila's cover is going to be.
Interior art remains mostly stiff, and at times dives into really bad. There are a few good pieces, but overall nothing worth the cover price.

I'm convinced that the story here, which wraps up the slow, boring tale that has been told over the past 5 issues, is only slightly better this time around because it is one long battle, and well, it finally ends the story. Still it's not really a good battle, and certainly not a great battle. The dialogue is generic and stiff, like the art. The characters continue to be only vague stereotypes of themselves.

We also continue to see the art not matching up with the story here, a trend that's been obvious in most of this series. Sonja at one point kills two guards and tells Tarzan "Now we have bows!" as she throws him a spear. Even the dialogue can't make up its mind here, as Sonja at one point refers to past dialogue that we never saw her speak only one page ago.

I'm so glad this series is over, and I would caution anyone to spend their money elsewhere. In this new golden age of comics, don't spend money on mediocre garbage like this.

Overall I give this issue 2 spear-bows out of 5, and I give the entire series 2 character cash-ins out of 5.
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Interview with Age of Conan: Belit author

I'm trying to reserve judgement, because I'll definitely buy this series and give it a chance and I want to have an open mind. The grumpy old Conan fan in me pretty much has problems with most of the stuff said in the interview, especially the fact that Conan and Robert E Howard are barely mentioned. However, I haven't seen interior art or any actual story pages yet, so I'll just hope that somehow it will be good.
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*Conan in the Marvel Universe*

Here's an IGN article doing some speculation on what the Conan / Avengers crossover might mean for the future of Marvel Conan.

I've voiced some of the same thoughts in the past few months. That I think Marvel will integrate Conan into the Marvel heroes in some way seems to already be happening. Also, I don't think the best choice for Marvel would be retelling all of Conan's classic adventures yet again. The original Marvel Conan stuff is awesome; there is no need to redo it. We've seen all of Howard's Conan stories in graphic novel / comic format several times each. They need to do something new with this.

Here's the article:
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Conan strategy game coming

When I saw that this new game was going to be a strategy game I was immediately excited. When I read the article the excitement left. Fighting wave after wave of enemies sounds terrible. It sounds like a phone game; just another stupid base defence.

Why couldn't they make an actual strategy game? Why not Hyborian War on PC? Why this garbage?

It's just more proof that the license is being thrown at whoever wants it for whatever garbage idea they have to stick it on.

Here's the article about the garbage:
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Marvel Bêlit comic!

Hot on the heels of the Conan / Avengers announcement comes the announcement of a Belit mini series.

Looks like I'll be buying a lot of Marvel comics soon.
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Conan / Avengers team-up

Well, that was fast. I'd discussed earlier this year how I thought that Marvel would use Conan outside of his own comics, interacting with the rest of the MU, but it looks like Marvel is really wasting no time. Conan is set to appear in an Avengers book this March, and to "change the Marvel Universe."

I'm glad that they will be making the Hyborian Age an official part of Marvel history again, but will Conan become a Marvel superhero?
I guess I'll be buying an Avengers comic this March.
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Is there a calendar available anywhere for the Empire?

Also, has Cubicle 7 announced any books beyond the Starter Set? I'm hoping for a magic book, a Bestiary, and some more regional sourcebooks.

Talents give bonus SL's to attached Skills for each time you take the Talent.
Do these bonus SL's only apply on a success? (In a way this doesn't make sense, as negative SL's are a thing)
Otherwise, does this mean that the chance of success is greatly enhanced by these Talents? (A failed roll would still be a success if it still had a positive SL)

Either way is fine, I just can't find an answer in the book.

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Not specifically Conan related, but certainly savage fantasy:
Fellow dog-brother +Jerry L has some fine gaming words and art in digital print for a Savage Worlds setting. A big Cimmerian shout out to Jerry! Now go check out his work!
(Now with working link!)
EDIT: Latest post (the first time I posted this there were errors when folks tried sharing or viewing it)...

Hi Friends, I wanted to share that only my second published writing credit (in 2014 I contributed to HardNova II Revised & Expanded by Precis Intermedia) is live on DriveThruRPG. My first published artwork ever is also inside, featuring a pixie faerkin and human (Shawn's working on correcting the cover). The World of Aden was originally conceived and written by Savage Worlds owner Shane Lacy Hensley back in the 90's. The setting IP has since been acquired and revived as Thunderscape by +Shawn Carman of Kyoudai Games. It's an awesome blend of Steampunk and Dark Fantasy worth checking out if you like Savage Worlds... There's also a Pathfinder version, if that's more your bag. Thanks to all of you in advance for any likes, shares, or purchases. I don't write or post very often, so I'm not a household name like many folks are these days. Be sure to let Shawn Carman (or anyone else, for that matter) know if you liked my sketch or words :)
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