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it's awesome, :)
everyone have a job to do.
Meet the pit stop crew!
A while ago Tomáš Černý (a F1 fan) suggested to us on Google+ to introduce the pit stop crew to fans. This chart explains who does what during a pit stop. We hope you like it!

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Some facts & figures about pit stops:

Anything between 2 and 3 seconds is considered a good pit stop.

Since January 2013, our pit stop crew has performed more than 500 training pit stops.

The crew practices pit stops for 45 minutes every Thursday prior to a race.

Another 20-30 minutes of pit stop practice follows on Friday.

On Sunday morning, some 4-6 ‘warm-up’ pit stops are performed.

For pit stop practice at the track, the car is pushed by 3 people to simulate the approach.

A side jack is used if the nose has to be changed. The front wheels are then changed by one person per wheel and the other 4 help with the nose change.

Can you figure out why this particular pit stop wasn’t an ideal one?
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Have a great weekend,
+Sauber F1 Team

Oh, and just in case you missed this very special pit stop, watch it now:

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