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Coffee grounds go in the French press. Not the coffee cup.

Funny how removing the mccaffee crapware that came bundled with +Naomi Evans​ computer fixed all the problems.

I have adulted today.  Now, it is time for other things.

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#FirstLight! The ESA Operations flight team switched on the ExoMars TGO camera to acquire the spacecraft's first image from deep interplanetary space.

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I've never read anything that so accurately describes my chosen field of work.

So, does anyone else want in on my Kerbal Space Program run-through?

I can't guarantee any roles, apparently there's a function that maps names to roles (pilot, scientist, engineer).  I can say this:  You will go to space.  You might get stranded there.  You might even hit the ground at high rates of speed.

Hooray, I'm one day older.  37 was a good year, hopefully 38 will be as well!

Now taking bets on the date for the next End Of The World Apocalypse.
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