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Hand-made software sauce since 2012
Hand-made software sauce since 2012

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Ninja Squad sponsorise le podcast les CastCodeurs, et en profite pour faire la réclame de notre Pack Pro #Angular :

Pour écouter nos ninjas +Cédric EXBRAYAT et +Cyril Lacôte qui commentent l'actualité avec les CastCodeurs, c'est par là :

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En attendant la vidéo (qui ne devrait pas tarder), la retranscription complète de la keynote de nos ninjas +agnes crepet et +Cyril Lacôte à +Codeurs en Seine #codeurs2016 : "Codeurs du Monde".

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Our #Angular2 #ebook just got some swag:
- it is now up-to-date with latest framework 2.2.0
- it has a BRAND NEW CHAPTER on Advanced Observables

Grab (freely for buyers) here:
The full changelog:

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Writing is hard. Rewriting might be a nightmare.

Our ninja +Jean-Baptiste Nizet explains the tooling and process we used for writing our #Angular ebooks, and how +Asciidoctor and +GitHub help us in building these technical books as software projects.


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Angular 2 est enfin en version finale. \o/

Notre ebook (à prix libre) et son Pack Pro (une plateforme vous faisant construire étape par étape une application complète avec une couverture de tests à 100%) sont à jour : c'est le moment de s'y mettre sérieusement avant de partir en production.

Notre ebook:
La plateforme du Pack pro, où vous pouvez essayer gratuitement les 6 premiers exercices:

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Introducing DEMO mode 🎁 !

You can now try 6 exercises for free of our #Angular2 Pro Pack:

setup, code, build, verify, with 100% code analysis provided. 💪

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Curious about our #Angular2 #ebook Pro Pack?
We now have an official introduction:

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Do you remember that we propose an #Angular2 #ebook covering everything from zero to advanced concepts? And that this ebook is at 'pay what you want' price, including free updates?

If you're asking if some people dare to buy this ebook from unknown French people, yes they are! And as we love transparency, we now have a sales public report:

Soon, we will also propose our Pro Pack, which will include several exercises to build Ponyracer ( step by step.
For each exercise, we will give you the unit tests to validate what you have to do, and a complete solution to see what's the most elegant way to solve the exercise. At the end of each exercise, you will be able to submit your score to our platform: it will run the tests, analyze your code, etc...
We think it's a great way to learn how to build real apps, with everything you need to know (http, auth, routing, tests, services, observables, etc...).

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