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Election silly season has ended now the every day silly season of politics begins. Will anything be different?

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Interesting, Amazon finally releases a Google TV app for their Instant Video Streaming service. Unfortunately the app isn't compatible with many of the Google TV boxes out there including the Logitech Revue and the Vizio Co-Star. So why even bother and will Google TV ever become relevant?

Day 4 with my #nexus7  and I thought I would share some early impressions:

The Google experience? Jelly Bean is wonderful and smooth as silk. The 7 inch screen seems to be the sweet spot for me for both reading and gaming. Most apps I use personally are compatible with Jelly Bean at least when using the stock phone UI with the noticeable and quite frustrating exception of the Sirius XM app. My Grade: A

The Asus experience? Not quite as flattering. So far I have experienced the screen creaking issue that I somewhat but not completely fixed by pulling the back off and tightening the screws and I am also experiencing the touchscreen sensitivity issue where the right half of the screen sometimes has issues registering your touch. XDA poster's seem to think it could be a software and not a hardware issue so we will see. My Grade: C- and would be worse except for the wonderful hardware specs included at this price point.

So after day 4 and even with the QA issues noted I still think it's a keeper though with some work needing to be done on the quality front as from what I am reading my issues aren't necessarily that uncommon..

Filed under the unexpected consequences category. After playing with my #nexus7  all day, my less than 2 week old Samsung GS III, which until today felt huge, now feels tiny in my hands

Ok, day one with the #nexus7  and must say I am loving it. A few more days with this in my hands and I might finally be able to leave Apple's patent trolling walled garden for good.

Easily rooted it five minutes after unboxing and now just waiting for some custom ROM goodness to make it even better.

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Moto to their customers, bend over and don't expect a reach around...

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Bye, Bye, Juan Luis Pedro Phillipo de Huevos Epstein

Ok somebody please correct me if I am wrong but why is it that we cannot rent movies from the Android Market via Google TV? Does it have to do with the lack of local storage?
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