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Hello I'm Jacob Sommerfeld and I'm a Front-End Web developer
Hello I'm Jacob Sommerfeld and I'm a Front-End Web developer
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Is your WordPress site taking a long time to load? Here are some tips to speed up load time:

1. Use a cache plugin
I am currently using WP Total cache on my portfolio site and it saves time loading because it uses static HTML pages that are built and cached by the plugin. If it does not do this then it will have to take time building the HTML from the different PHP files.

2. Use a lazy load plugin
Image heavy sites take longer to load. A lazy load plugin will stop all photos below the fold from loading so the browser does not get slowed down from loading a lot of photos at the same time. However this sometimes does not work with the mobile format of a responsive site.

3. Modify theme to load photos after document ready
You can setup template file to move img src to a new source attribute  which will stop it from loading while the page itself is loading. Then use jQuery to move the source attribute of the img back to the src after the page finishes loading. This method has taken my white screen to page load time from 7 seconds to just 3 seconds

I am Going to be organizing my portfolio into 3 sections: classwork, client work and mobile javascript apps. I am also going to change the site to use codeigniter which will make changes in the future much quicker.

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Slideshow widget now available for download from GitHub.

Looks like everything is done on my portfolio site. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to post them here.

Facebook gallery page is done. Now just a bunch of tweaking...never ending tweaking

Contact form is done thanks to woofu forms. Now all that is left to do is:
Page for Nova's gallery
Tweak the portfolio page for mobile devices
Add a some image to the homepage. Not sure what yet.
Add an image to the about me page?

Working on the portfolio page right now.

I am going to be working on my website over the next couple of weeks and it should be finished the first week of December. The homepage is up right now. Please feel free to leave any questions or comments. #portfolio #homepage  
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