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Yup. Google doesn't want an "open web," they want a web based on their standards so they can add and remove support for new "technologies" (that are really one of thousands of popular open source plugins that do the same thing, but apparently open source isn't open enough unless its made by Google) at will to break plugins and websites they don't like.

I wonder how long its going to be before Google finally admits "screw w3, their standards didn't live up to our expectations and Chrome is going to be the new Internet Explorer." Because that's basically what they're doing.

And Google has paid trolls on sites like stack overflow (er, Google it) that will flat out tell web designers "nobody will hire you for this crappy outdated design, learn Google standards because they're the future, your boss doesn't care that 70% of his clients won't be able to use your site properly as long as you comply with the almighty Google, unless he's pointy haired." W3 is dead in all but name, the new browser wars have begun and they'll be worse than the first round 15 years ago that produced the proprietary horror we know as Internet Explorer 6.

Google doesn't do "open source," sure their stuff is based on Webkit and Linux, but they make proprietary forks of everything, force web designers to build for it, then threaten to decrease your search ranking if you provide a standards compliant fallback for other browsers.
You had a good run #NPAPI . You made the web a good time. You outlived your namesake browser by well over a decade. But sadly, the architects at Chrome would put their own dog down if it weren't an open source, standards compliant, javascript implemented pet.

Now so many of my favorite plugins will have to die too because no one in OSS land has time to completely rewrite them. Bye GWT DevMode, bye Garmin Device API (EOL, no replacement). Ah, but at least the ones people use will be grandfathered in, you known, like all the closed source plugins like Java, Silverlight and Facebook. That's just how the world works.

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You might think I'm insane for this, but I actually like the old neon blue tron theme with the blocky fonts and excessive drop shadows. So much so that I installed a Honeycomb 3.6 theme on my Android 4.4/Cyanogenmod 11 Tablet. I hope this still works on Android 5.0/Cyanogenmod 12, because the deep theming engine is truly the best feature of Cyanogenmod. Include it on stock Android 5.0, and I will no longer feel a need to root.
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