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Wow, gonna be one helluva summer! Too bad spring didn't shape up too well. Got the new powder coating oven up and running, doing chrome now, and busting out the engine rebuilds! The most recent on the surgeons table is an early '60s Honda Dream 305. Got a CB77 right behind it, and a TTR230 as well. Pics to follow as soon as they're uploaded!

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Get the last of y our parts in here quick, for powder coating...Before the spring riding seasons hits hard! When the season starts, we really won't have time for powder services....Git yer' ass movin!!
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So as I look forward to another upcoming busy week at PanikSwitch, let us reflect on last week so that we can put it to bed...

To start off last week, we scored a good size repair/restoration/semi-insurance job repairing a Yammy V-Star...Nice going, JD!! Then got to spend some quality time with my boys (not in a cheesy 90's, ghetto, urban boys, as in my sons) watching SOA with Jeff, who helped me get PSC off the ground, and Joshua, who helped me keep it going. Wrapped up the week with 2, maybe 3 orders of hard tails. One frame was already dropped off, another one was picked up Sunday in hopes of scoring a long term winter project for a show bike, that will tour the country, courtesy of a local businessman. Sunday, we (Ash and I) lost our "auction cherries" by heading to a local auction and scoring a metal lathe, bandsaw, an antique copper fire extinguisher and some end tables for a sweet price...(tables are for home use..hhmm. FE is for shop decoration). Got to spend my Saturday as I always plan, with a relaxing day at the shop, taking care of small projects... And the Sox beat Detroit yesterday!! WoooHaaww!!

So we start out this coming week in hopes that the Sox will win the next 2 games... The frame modification biz is really taking off, so I guess I oughta ramp up production, and get 2 of them done this week. We are also picking up the last remaining pieces needed to finish the new powder coating oven this week, and should have it up and running by Saturday...which means I can get moving on the CB550/Kandy project.

If anyone stops in this week, asking "How's business?", I'm referring them to our Facebook page...Hahahahaaaa. You can get a glimpse of what we're doing by reading all this crap....

Stay tuned next week for another exciting episode of "As The Wheel Turns!!".


Spring is almost here! Avoid the rush and call today to get your cycle serviced before the spring rush!

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