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Við fylgjumst með mikið af góðum ljósmyndurm hjá Hugbúnaðarsetrinu. Svo erum við rétt að taka á loft og eigum eftir að deila mikið af fróðleik um myndvinnslu.

Chapter 2013, page 30

I feel that all the experiences in our lives, both good and bad make us who we are today. I read in a book once: "We will not regret the past 
nor wish to shut the door on it".  That sentence holds true for me. 

I've found that the more walls I put in front of my heart so you can't see the "real me", the more I push you away.... and I can't have any of that. One day I decided to just be me. Not the person I thought I should be in front of you... just me, or "Just Barry".

I took this picture last December, so it's a reshare. It's also a moment in time I hold dear to me, just like the year before. Each Solstice something very magical happens at this location, something that makes me want to drop to my knees in silence. It's at this time our sun sets directly in this massive arch. Sort of like Stonehenge, but natural. Maybe next year you can join me, and you too can experience things beyond your imagination.

Sunset date: December 19th, 2012
Location: Big Sur, California. 
Present with me: +Karen Hutton and +Cameron Siguenza 
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