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Unnatural Lip Filler Results

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The Aesthetic Byte: New Lips – Natural or Unnatural?
A question I get asked all the time in my practice goes along these lines: “Have you seen Nicole Kidman recently. She looks weird! What has she done to herself?”
This is typically followed by: “I don’t understand, with all that money you would think she is seeing the best?”
I believe dermal fillers have been given a bad rap; I know this may sound biased since I am actively involved in this field but I firmly stand by the point that it is 100% possible to inject dermal fillers in any part of the face and still achieve natural results.
Very simply all fillers work on the same principal: the amount of filler you inject will determine the degree or amount of volume increase. So when we see these sausage like lips (that have lost their natural shape and form) or even a ‘tennis ball’ looking cheek the very simple reason for this is because it has been injected that way.
Unfortunately as we age definite changes take place to our entire face including the lips. In a nutshell we begin to lose the strength of our lip support structures. Specifically changes are seen with the surrounding skin and muscles, the underlying bone, and importantly the fat compartments. Fat plays a vital role in plumping and supporting the lip mucosa and as the fat thins so our lips look thinner, reduce their shape, and lines appear that give one the appearance that the vermilion (red part of the lip) is dry.
When using dermal fillers today the approach should move away from lip augmentation to lip rejuvenation with the main aim being to strengthen and return the natural supporting structures of the lip.
At the end of the day words are just words and as they say the proof is in the pudding. So check the before and after photos of a patient’s lips I have treated and see if one can give natural results…or not.
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