West Coast Customs and Microsoft are fiddling with the concept of the car of the future. Using a 1967 Mustang and Microsoft developments, Project Detroit aims to show what the symbiosis of technology and the automobile could look like in the future. What additional connectivity features would you like to see in the car of the future?
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I'm surprised Audi doesn't have USB connectivity. Are you planning on making that an inclusion? Not everyone has an iPhone and not all Audis come with Bluetooth audio.
+Berlin Friswell - The USB console already exists for the Audi A3, the A4 convertible and the Audi TT.
With the Audi Music Interface, Audi offers the option to connect a USB broadband modem via the USB adapter cable (sold separately). The so-called Audi Music Interface Online is available for the A1 and the Q3, even without the built-in Bluetooth car phone. It lets you create a Wi-Fi hotspot and listen to Internet radio. If you can use these features depends on whether they are available in your country and where you are specifically. If you would like to contact us directly, you can also write to us at service@audi.de. We would be happy to answer your specific questions about this topic in further detail.
You can also find additional information here: http://bit.ly/HxMNnT
Thanks for that input +Audi International . It seems that EVERY single Audi I've seen has iPod connectors. I thought you'd place a USB slot next to the SD card, but this can work for me.. Thanks again.
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