Meet "The Swarm"! At International CES 2013 Audi showcased OLED lighting technology and its application to Audi vehicles. #CES2013 #OLED
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Audi is doing great PR, attracting forward thinking, conscientious buyers. Cool video!
This is great however playing animated lights behind your car might distract the driver behind you. Looks nice but can't see it being road legal anytime soon. 
Apple called. They said good luck with that "slide to unlock" feature.
I want an a4 so badly. If anyone is giving one away I'm your guy 
Possibly the most underrated car company on the planet.
Why what the ***k! What have the Porsche execs done? This is madness.
back to the future with audi... super cool $hit! 
I can totally imagine hacking that, to compose and send messages to misbehaving drivers, using your smartphone...
useless concept... lets make cars from paper then, light and cheap to produce... What are you doing people?
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