Researchers at Stanford University in California have found a way to equip highways with coils that can transfer electricity to cars using magnetic resonance. That way, the street effectively becomes the energy source. Do you think similar concepts would be conceivable for cities as well?
Stanford researchers have designed a new technology that could lead to wireless charging of electric vehicles while they cruise down the highway.
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doesnt make sense. will only contribute to the production of more less powerful cars
Since the price of the investment in making a street with the coils is high, the money needs to be coming from car users.

Only way this is going to work, is to have the combined automatic steering + charge on a toll-road that goes between large cities.

On city level, the charging should happen when the car is stationary, on a parking spot for example. When making a parking garage, the adding of coils to the concrete is not so expensive.
yesss!! Always hoped that kind of system would be possible some day!
Yeah! Good concept.
But it may be take very much time to come in action.
Though its good,coz days are near when gulf countrys will hike prise of the crude. india it will be very useful,since petrolium companys hike prices in every its time for electric cars
Likely the innovation is going to be much more complex and expensive than the present wire-based system that trains use. No wonder, the trains move in a predictable way. Charging electric cars might be the only use of this innovation as +Juha-Matti Koljonen pretty much said above.
Let's be honest, in some (if not most) countries the state hasn't even enogh money to maintain the existing roads.
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