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Audi A5 Coupé: Audi A5 Coupé Combined fuel consumption in l/100 km: 6.3 – 4.0** (37.3 – 58.8 US mpg); Combined CO2 emissions in g/km: 144 – 105** (231.7 – 169.0 g/mi).
Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions data as well as the efficiency classes are dependent on the choice of wheels and tyres.
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+JOHN KIRIAKOU The current version of the Audi A5 and it's models, as +Manuel Koch​ said above, aren't involved in the diesel gate miracles of Volkswagen. Only those products, which are produced in 2010 til 2015 where offered with a modificated diesel aggregate, that is reaching the European norm 5!
The Volkswagen Group implements now for current models or cars a selective catalytic reduction- technology (called as TDI BlueMotion-Technology/ ultra SCR), which makes it able to realize a emission of carbon dioxide (CO2, and NOx - Nitrogen oxides), which is significant below those, you write about.

But where's the context between the high-quality workmanship, and the problem, that emissions won't be reduced?? Think about it!! 
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My First Audi

The Audi design UNIverse is a hotbed of ideas thought up by young talent. This is where the next generation of designers from internationally renowned universities showcase their ideas for the car of the future..

The car of tomorrow from the designers of tomorrow. The Audi design UNIverse is a hotbed of ideas thought up by young talent. This is where the next generation of designers from internationally renowned universities showcase their ideas for the car of the future.
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Schrecklich, sorry.
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Taken off-road in Dubai

Audi A7's off-road capabilities are put to the test in the deserts of the Dubai.

#Vorsprungdurchtechnik #quattro
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HERE produces highly precise digital navigation maps and location-based services for nearly 200 countries in over 50 languages. And HERE is especially important for the future: It is an excellent database for further extending Audi´s lead in the field of piloted driving.

#Vorsprungdurchtechnik #Piloteddriving
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+Waldemar Braxx ahja...  nur das mir Android nur noch abstürzt, den Akku killt und an der Steckdose bei Navigation gar ne so schnell laden kann, wie es mir den Akku killt^^
Mein Bruder hat ein Windows Phone und das läuft wie geschmiert, ohne das es abstürzt^^ das beste ist daran, das hat die schwächere Hardware als meins^^ und läuft viel besser xD
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Mega Trends in Automotive Electronics

In electronic based industry, innovation cycles are getting rather short. The changing aspects of mobility from a customer perspective weigh in additionally on this challenge - faced not just by Audi.

#VorsprungdurchTechnik #mobility
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Amazing presentation, as usual, everything of German is downright cosmic
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Refuelling while watching a game.
Charging the Audi A3 Sportback e-tron takes 2.5 hours from an industrial socket and less than 4 hours from a domestic socket.

#Audi #A3 #e-tron #electricmobility
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Enjoy Everyday Extremes. With Audi quattro.
Mountain side or shopping aisle. Extraordinary or everyday. It doesn't matter where you find your extremes, quattro technology delivers the same grip for confidence in every trip.

#Audi #quattro
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Just a very quick postcard from Audi Sport Middle East.

#AudiR8 #LeagueofPerformance

Fuel consumption in l/100 km: combined 12.3; CO2 emissions combined in g/km: 287

Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions data as well as the efficiency classes are dependent on the choice of wheels and tires.
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Audi A7 piloted driving concept

FC Bayern München´s new trainer Carlo Ancelotti experiences the advantages of Audi piloted driving. 
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Ich weiß +Heiko Grasser 
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Exploring Porto

Experience the scenic mountains of Portugal from the comfort of the all-new A5. With breathtaking agility, discover how it manoeuvres the meandering roads.

#Vorsprungdurchtechnik #AudiA5 #NowThatsACoupe
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Audi City

The biggest car dealership in the world - with the smallest footprint. This physical cyberstore presents Audi’s entire model range using virtual technology throughout *#VorsprungdurchTechnik #AudiCity*
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RS6 is really fast, but it does not feel" - is their opinion. Are they right? After all, it is the fastest serial Audi of all time! Its 450 hp is more than a legendary BMW M5, even the Porsche 911 Turbo has "only 420 hp!
And yet! The impression that so simply and concisely describe our technicians are one of the most successful tuning companies are true. What indeed it is the intended effect, because in Ingolstadt were not designed this car as a racing game, but a comfortable family saloon with a large trunk and a huge excess capacity. This was confirmed by our comparative test in which it is true RS6 thanks to the strength of his monstrous 4.2-liter V8 Biturbo easily defeated in every respect on the track Motopark his older brothers RS2 and RS4, but at the same time disappointed lovers fierce drive - speed in the car recognizable only after seeing the speedometer. It did not feel, with an injection of adrenaline in the veins no way.
Also in terms of driveability there is no comparison: 380-hp RS4 cornering like a racer, while maxi-Audi RS6 - but devilishly fast - rolling on stately arc. Well, the explanation is a two-ton weight.
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Speed of Light
The headlights significantly define the appearance of each Audi model.
Within the last 100 years, light technology development came a long way within the automotive industry.

#Audi #VorsprungdurchTechnik
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AUDI AG Clientservice Germany 85045 Ingolstadt
Vorsprung durch Technik.

Welcome to the official page of Google + Audi international.

On this new platform, we want create a dialogue with you on the latest technologic developments, research results and innovations. How do you envision the world of tomorrow?  How will we interact with our environment, infrastructure and our vehicles and vice versa? How will growing cities influence urban mobility? How can e-mobility be integrated into our lives?

These are just a few of the topics we would like to lively discuss and debate with you. We are interested in finding out how you imagine the future, which inspiration and knowledge you already have gathered in this regard. We look forward to a truly direct and open dialogue.

For further information on fuel consumption and/or CO2 emissions please consult the official “Guide on the fuel economy, CO2-emissions and power consumption”, available at no charge at DAT Deutsche Automobil Treuhand GmbH, Helmut-Hirth-Str. 1, 73760 Ostfildern-Scharnhausen, Germany or visit