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Occasional LOLcats expert.
Occasional LOLcats expert.

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Does anybody have the 12/31/87 Paisley Park show? 

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One of my favorite sites I've discovered recently is Product Hunt, which I'm thrilled to see featured ThinkUp today!

Product Hunt is a simple community site that just talks about new apps and tech products that have launched each day. The conversations are great -- focused on what actually makes these apps tick, and what decisions were made behind them. That's such a refreshing contrast for me as someone who loves tech products, in contrast to the "industry news" that's mostly about personalities and funding and those weird big company announcements that very rarely end up being very innovative.

So, I was incredibly excited to see ThinkUp submitted to the site this morning, and there have been some really thoughtful questions about the app, especially from Ryan Hoover of Product Hunt. If you have a moment, will you go and vote for ThinkUp on the site? And maybe stick around to check out the conversation, too.

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You're just ignoring the historical implications and power dynamics behind use of the word "blacklist" so it makes you seem silly. But if you have a more substantive critique than "this one interpretation of this one provocative word could apply to this situation", I'm all ears.

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There are just a last few days to join +ThinkUp, take advantage of the Late Bird special & get an awesome book, featuring interviews with everyone from Steve Martin to Jay Smooth to Fred Wilson.

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We've launched a project I've been putting my heart and soul into for a long time, and I'd like to ask for your help. Put simply, it's an app called ThinkUp, which hooks up to your Facebook or Twitter or Google+ account and tells you what's meaningful, like which of your friends you made smile, or if you haven't reconnected with an old friend online in a while.

But just as important as the app is the way we're building the company behind it. We're having our community drive every aspect of ThinkUp, in hopes of making our company the one that respects its users (and their privacy and values!) more than any other tech company.

So, to do this, we're asking people to join the campaign to back our launch in January of next year. In just a few days, hundreds of people have stepped up to do so, and now I'd like your help as well, if you're able.

Thanks so much for helping out or for simply spreading the word!

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If you're in New York City, it's not too late to vote in today's mayoral primary. I had a chance to speak with almost all of the major candidates, and I explained a bit about how that informed who I decided to support. If you haven't voted yet, please do take a look.

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Today's my birthday, and I need your help for a special gift: bringing clean water to a village in the region my family is from. We've already brought clean water to 373 people, but you can help make it everyone in the village just by giving what you can. Just imagine what we can accomplish together!

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We can do amazing things together. For my birthday, I'm asking your help to bring clean water to an entire village in the region of India my family is from:

Any amount helps, and just $45 gives one person clean water. 100% of what you give goes to the water project. Read more, or watch a video of me introducing the campaign in front of a few thousand folks here:

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I've given hundreds of talks over my career, but yesterday was the first time I was brought to tears by what followed. I was honored to help charity: water launch its September campaign to bring water to 100 villages in rural Orissa, India -- where my family is from.

And I'm proud to launch a campaign where I'm asking your help to reach a $20,000 goal by my birthday on September 5th, which will provide clean water to an entire village.

Please click through and watch the video, and then give what you can here:
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