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Rupture of Rapture Published Exclusively on Amazon-Kindle
"The Blessed Hope for Humanity is the Second Coming Christ to Resurrect the Believers, Not Rapture"
Millions of Christians are being deceived by those making millions off a doctrine called rapture that was packaged and presented to the world around 1830 under the name of dispensational theology. Prior to the that only the resurrection of believers, both living and dead at the one and only return of Messiah Jesus in great power and glory was accepted by bible believing Judeo-Christians. According to author and bible teacher Michael Bollenbach, ‘Rapture uses a technique called eisegesis to infuse two returns of Jesus into Scripture which dislodged and replaced the First Resurrection of believers with a rapture theology.’

The ‘Rupture of Rapture’ is an exegete of Scripture which is an analysis of the God-breathed language used to translate the bible into English. The book specifically examines key words like rapture, caught up, coming and resurrection; phrases like blessed hope, thief in the night and day of the Lord; and passages of Scripture like First Thessalonians, First Corinthians 15 and Revelation with particular attention given to the messages to the seven assemblies or churches, the Seven Seals of the Scroll, the wrath of God, Satan and the Lamb using only the bible and a concordance. This process sorts out fiction from fact, apostasy from truth and man-made theologies from God breathed revelation.

The book, as the title suggests debunks rapture and restores the historical teaching that the Blessed Hope of believers is the Second Coming of Christ Jesus to resurrect and change the dead and the living to immortal life. Dispensational Theology unsettled that 1,800 years old belief around 1830 that has now become the mainstream teaching of many congregations. Scripture is replete with the command for believers to be ready and to prepare themselves for the Second Coming of Christ but rapture rather ill-prepares them for such eventuality by teaching they are whisked away to heaven prior to the one and only return of Messiah Jesus. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree with rapture theology, this is a must read for any serious student of eschatology. The book is offered exclusively through Amazon-Kindle and available online at and The Lords Children Online Bookstore

The Lord’s Children is a non-denominational, home bible assembly anchored in the historic and apostolic Christian theology of Salvation by grace through faith in Messiah Jesus, His crucifixion and bodily resurrection from the dead after three full days and nights in the grave and His bodily ascension to the right hand of God the Father in heaven. We believe that the Holy Spirit indwells all regenerate believers and leads them into obedience to God and good works as the fruit of salvation. We advocate the New Covenant model of fellowship and discipleship in the homes of believers as taught in Scripture. You may obtain contact information

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Interview with Bible Teacher, Author Michael LeCornec on North East Texas Today 8/12/2014

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be Not Ashamed about the symbols for the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus
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