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Adam Gordon
I'm a husband, father, engineer, and triathlete - but not always necessarily in that order.
I'm a husband, father, engineer, and triathlete - but not always necessarily in that order.

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Summer Open Triathlon Race Report
For the first time I can remember, maybe ever, I was both confident and relaxed going into a race.  They say the second night before a race is the most important night and to get a full night's rest and while I might argue that it should start about a week ...

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La Carrera - Epílogo
I was pretty spent after the race as it was a fairly intense 75 minutes.  The rain had let up and was done for the day.  Most of the American delegation hung out at the finish line cheering on the rest of the competition whom I'd like to think was, at that ...

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Boulder Peak Triathlon Race Report
About 12 days ago my body said enough and I hit a wall training-wise.  Fatigue, lack of power, and general disinterest took its toll and without taking too drastic measures my coach scaled back my training and by the end of last week I was tired, but felt r...

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Loveland Lake-to-Lake Triathlon Race Report
Two things were clear after the  Boulder Sprint Triathlon :  first, my running needed work, and second, so did my taper.  To be clear, the latter was more a result of a week of poor sleep leading up to the race than training too much.  To mitigate the first...

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Structured Running
After mediocre runs at the Summer Open and the Boulder Sprint Triathlon , I had  my coach, Billy  start giving me structured running workouts along with the cycling he was already doing.  Apparently all the lovely base mile running I'd been doing was great ...

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Garmin Edge 510 Review
First a caveat:  I'm a triathlete.  My review is solely from the point-of-view of a triathlete who's used the Garmin 910XT  exclusively for nearly two years.  It may be that none of the cool features or issues I've experienced apply to you.  My motivation f...

not sure what's worse: that I just found an enum that's using ordinal values in business logic, or that when I added a new constant, no unit tests failed.

Man! Who knew writing Spring unit tests could be so much fun?!

10 years later I'd completely forgotten how much CORBA sucked...until now...when I get to relive the glory days of the dot-com era all over again.

i've decided, having two monitors at work is simply not enough. i either need three or i need two gloriously large, 30-inches-of-diagonal-goodness to be really productive.
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