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Sarah Grace Grzy
affordable web and graphic design
affordable web and graphic design

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So . . . I decided to make a premade book covers page.

#bookcovers #coverdesign #premadecovers #esteticodesigns #graphicdesign #designer
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PSA: In 98% of cases, typewriter fonts do not belong on book covers, and must be used with great caution.

Just sayin'.

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Would you buy a pre-made book cover?

#bookcover #coverdesign #esteticodesigns
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Heck no!
What's a pre-made cover??

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Hey, I made a gif! And I made the website, too, so . . . that's pretty cool. 😎

#webdesign #esteticodesigns #clientsite
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I had the pleasure of working with Allison Tebo on her author site. I love how it turned out! For more info about my services, visit here:

IT'S OFFICIAL! The website is officially finished, and Estetico is open for business!

Also, the FIRST 3 CLIENTS will get 20% off their first service! Don't dilly-dally! :)

#webdesigner #esteticodesigns #launch

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The website's coming, y'all, it's coming.

#webdesign #esteticodesigns #itscoming
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