“Our job is to prevent physical conflicts between congregations,” says Mr. Amar, the spokesman for the National Police.

This is an interesting idea regarding the mission of the police. To "prevent physical conflicts" as opposed to "upholding rule of law". More often than not, Indonesia's National Police will arrest the parties who are being rioted against and threatened in these situations because it is the simple solution to uphold their envisioned mission of "preventing physical conflicts". What they are not seeing is that this is not the same as upholding the rule of law because it punishes those who have broken no law and emboldens those who have. This leads groups such as the FPI and similar thuggish mobs to believe that they are in the right and even threatens to convert others to believe that this violent action, or even the threat of violent action, is the correct course to get things done.

EDIT ADDENDUM: On a side note, the image they used also raises a red flag to me. Indonesian organizations have been well known to hire groups of people from kampungs to hold up signs, wear shirts and join in on large scale protests in order to make their numbers seem much larger than they actually are. There was a case a few years ago where a journalist found photographic evidence of the same protester showing up and protesting for two opposing sides of a debate and since then it is very common for these mercenary protesters to hide their faces when being photographed.
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