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Looking forward to being interviewed tomorrow night on the topic of the DREADED SATURATED FAT (spoiler = it's not bad for you!). 
In this week's #GymChat I'm talking to Kirsten Gallagher about saturated fats and cholesterol. Are they really bad for you? Where does that "fear of fats" come from? How valid is the research on saturated fat? How much fat do we actually need?

There is still a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation circulating about fat (particularly saturated fat). Our goal in this chat will be to clear up the confusion, answer some questions, and provide some useful nutritional information.

Kirsten is a Certified Personal Trainer, canfitpro PRO TRAINER, NWL Specialist, RTS® 123, Certified MAT™ Specialist, and Certified MAT™ Jumpstart Practitioner.

Kirsten has been in the fitness industry for nearly twenty years and has developed a diverse skill set. She’s one of the few women in Canada who has earned a Resistance Training Specialist (RTS®) designation. She credits these certifications, in particular, in helping her take a considered approach to each individual she works with. In addition to her practice, she has presented her innovative ideas on weight loss and health at numerous events and contributed to local health and wellness publications such as Tonic Toronto and Healthy Directions.

Find out more about her here:
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